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Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 73, No. 6, pp. 897-1031 (2001)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 73, Issue 6

IUPAC Recommendations and Technical Reports


Blends containing core-shell impact modifiers. Part 1: Structure and tensile deformation mechanisms (IUPAC Technical Report), C. B. Bucknall
p. 897 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 549KB]

Blends containing core-shell impact modifiers. Part 2: Melt rheology of rubber-toughened plastics (IUPAC Technical Report), M. Kozlowski and C. B. Bucknall
p. 913 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 376KB]

Unit "katal" for catalytic activity (IUPAC Technical Report), R. Dybkaer
p. 927 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 172KB]

Human exposure to outdoor air pollution (IUPAC Technical Report), O. Hertel, F. A. A. M. De Leeuw, O. Raaschou-Nielsen, S. S. Jensen, D. Gee, O. Herbarth, S. Pryor, F. Palmgren, and E. Olsen
p. 933 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 654KB]

On the discovery of the elements 110-112 (IUPAC Technical Report), P. J. Karol, H. Nakahara, B. W. Petley, and E. Vogt
p. 959 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 190KB]

Retention parameters in chromatography (IUPAC Recommendations 2001), J. A. García Domínguez, J. C. Díez-Masa, and V. A. Davankov
p. 969 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 264KB]

Risk assessment for occupational exposure to chemicals. A review of current methodology (IUPAC Technical Report), R. F. M. Herber, J. H. Duffus, J. M. Christensen, E. Olsen, and M. V. Park
p. 993 [Abstract] [full text - pdf 327KB]

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