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Conference Call | Reports from recent conferences and symposia
See also

Nov-Dec 2013 | On the New Definition of the Mole by Roberto Marquardt
  | Macromolecules and Materials
  | Polymer Spectroscopy by Daniela Illnerova
  | Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy as a Probe of Polymer Surface Structure by Dennis K. Hore
Sep-Oct 2013 | Environmental and Development Conference in Kenya by Joseph O. Lalah, John Unsworth, Paul Njiru, and Hesbon Nyagowa
  | Plant Protection Chemistry in China and the Asian Pacific Region by Wenlin Chen, John Unsworth, and He Xiongkui
  | Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 2012 Travel Highlights by Mary Garson
  | Metal Ions in Biology and Medicine by María H. Torre
Jul-Aug 2013 | Looking at Information from a New Perspective by Bonnie Lawlor
  | Science for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development by Javier Garcia Martinez
  | Advanced Polymeric Materials by Byung-Wook Jo and Michael Hess
May-Jun 2013 | Physical Organic Chemistry by Niklaas Buurma
  | Human Errors and Out-of-Specification Test Results by Ilya Kuselman and Ales Fajgelj
  | Solubility Phenomena by Dewen Zeng
Mar-Apr 2013 | WMFmeetsIUPAC by Hans van Egmond and Rudolf Krska
  | Chemical Thermodynamics by Watson Loh and Ron Weir
  | Novel Materials and their Synthesis by Anning Zhou, Min Zhang, and Yuping Wu
  | Green Chemistry—Exchanging Experiences by Arlene G. Corrêa and Vânia G. Zuin
  | Kathmandu Symposia on Advanced Materials by Rameshwar Adhikari and Michael Hess
  | Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences by Jan Reedijk
  | Heteroatom Chemistry by Yoshiyuki Mizuhata and Norihiro Tokitoh
  | Science—A Bridge to Peace by Stanley Langer
  | Green Chemistry by Ekaterina Lokteva
  | Flow Chemistry and Microreactor Technology by Lisa McElwee-White
Jan-Feb 2013 | Role of Chemistry Research in National Development by Subramaniam Sotheeswaran
  | Stimulating Reflection and Catalyzing Change in Chemistry Education by Morton Z. Hoffman
  | Photochemistry by Silvia E. Braslavsky
  | Australasian Polymer by Sébastian Perrier
Nov-Dec 2012 | Going for Gold: The 44th International Chemistry Olympiad by Mary Kirchhoff
  | On the Description of Nanomaterials by Françoise Roure and John Rumble
  | What's in a Name? Possibly Death and Taxes! by Richard M. Hartshorn and Hervé Schepers
  | IUPAC MACRO World Polymer Congress 2012by Timothy Long
Sep-Oct 2012 | Advanced Materials: Stories of Innovation
by Neil Gussman
  | How Many Miles Have We Gone, InChI by InChI? by Alex Tropsha and Antony Williams
  | Advanced Polymeric Materials by Vera Kovacevic and Michael Hess
Jul-Aug 2012 | Delivering Data in Scienceby John R. Helliwell and Brian McMahon
  | Agrochemicals by J.B. Unsworth, N.A. Shakil, J. Kumar, G.A. Kleter and J.B.H.J. Linders
May-Jun 2012 | Recent Advances in Natural Products Chemistry by Minoru Isobe
  | Physico-Chemical Methods in Drug Discovery and Development by Vladislav Tomišić and Zoran Mandić
  | Contemporary Chemistry for Sustainability and Economic Sufficiency by Supa Hannongbua
Mar-Apr 2012 | Challenges in Modern Analytical Chemistry by Slavica Ražić
  | MacroMolecular Complexes by Heikki Tenhu
  | Translating Food Chemistry into Health Benefits by Agnieszka Bartoszek and Mariusz Piskula
  | Novel Materials and their Synthesis by Yuping Wu
Jan-Feb 2012 | Halogen Bonding by David L. Bryce
  | Conducting Polymers by Majda Zigon
  | Chemical Safety and Security by Leiv K. Sydnes
  | Chemistry of Natural Products and Biodiversity by Mary Garson
  | Trace Elements in Food by Eva M. Krupp and Jörg Feldmann
Nov-Dec 2011 | Novel Aromatic Compounds by Shih-Yuan Liu and Michael Haley
Sep-Oct 2011 | World Forum for Advanced Materials
by Michael Hess
  | Functional Polymeric Materials & Composites
by Harald Pasch and Aneli Fourie
  | Applied Thermodynamics
by Anthony R.H. Goodwin
Jul-Aug 2011 | Moscow Chemical Lyceum by Sergey E. Semenov, Sema L. Ioffe, and Nikolay E. Nifantiev
  | Materials Education by Ram Prakash Singh
May-Jun 2011 | Biotechnology by Torbjörn Norin
  | Australasian Polymer Feast by Martina Stenzel
  | The New SI: Units of Measurement Based on Fundamental Constants by Ian Mills
Mar-Apr 2011 | Chemistry Education by Mei-Hung Chiu
  | Photochemistry by Franco Scandola and Silvia Braslavsky
  | Polymer Synthesis by Petr Vlček
  | Chemical Thermodynamics by Kazuya Saito and Mary Anne White
  | Polymer-Solvent Complexes and Intercalates by J.-M. Guenet
Nov-Dec 2010 | Solubility Phenomena by Heinz Gamsjäger
  | Research and Education in the Middle East by Stanley Langer
  | Another Organic Synthesis Boost by Leiv K. Sydnes
Sep-Oct 2010 | Crop Protection Chemistry in Latin America by Kenneth Racke
  | Electrochemistryby Vesna Miskovic-Stankovic
Jul-Aug 2010 | IUPAC–ACS Collaboration Summit by Katherine Bowman and Francisco Gomez
  | Environmental Best Practices by Maciej Góra
  | Advanced Polymeric Materials by Werner Mormann and Michael Hess
  | Heterocyclic Chemistry by Lisa McElwee-White
May-Jun 2010 | Heteroatom Chemistry by Enrique Aguilar
  | Frontiers in Polymer Science by Stanislaw Penczek
  | The COCI East Asian Regional Workshop by Akira Ishitani
  | MacroMolecular Complexes
Mar-Apr 2010 | High Temperature Materials Chemistry by Alexandra Navrotsky
  | Soil Science by Jianming Xu
  | Novel Materials by Yuping Wu
Jan-Feb 2010 | Self-Healing Materials by Solar Olugebefola
  | think poly. by Frank Wiesbrock and Franz Stelzer
  | Novel Aromatic Compounds by Bruno Bernet
  | Mendeleev’s 175th Anniversary by Oleg M. Nefedov, Natalia P. Tarasova, and Stepan N. Kalmykov
Nov-Dec 2009 | Advanced Materials by Michael Hess
  | Heterocyclic Chemistry by Lisa McElwee-White
Sep-Oct 2009 | Radical Polymerization by Graeme Moad
  | Critical Laboratory and in vitro Diagnostics by Xavier Filella
  | Macro- and Supramolecular Architectures by Kurt E. Geckeler
  | Trace Elements in Food by Francesco Cubadda
May-Jun 2009 | Interactions of Soil Minerals with Organic Components and Microorganisms by P. Ming Huang
  | Biotechnology for the Sustainability of Human Society by Fengwu Bai
  | From Molecular Understanding to Innovative Applications of Humic Materials by Irina V. Perminova
  | D.I. Mendeleev and the Problems of Sustainable Development
by N.P. Tarasova, D.I. Mustafin, and E.-M. Lee
Mar-Apr 2009 | Biodiversity and Chemistry of Natural Products by Russell Kerr
  | Vanadium by João Costa Pessoa
  | Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation by Karl-Heinz Hellwich
Jan-Feb 2009 | Chemical Education by Morton Z. Hoffman and Ponnadurai Ramasami
  | Physical Organic Chemistry by Charles L. Perrin
  | Molecular Order and Mobility in Polymer Systems by Tatiana Birshtein
Nov-Dec 2008 | The Chemistry of the 21st Century—State of the Art by Mª Angeles Monge, Pilar Goya, and José Elguero
  | Polymers at the Frontiers of Science and Technology by Christopher K. Ober
  | Solid State Chemistry by Milan Drábik, Peter Komadel, Tomáž Grygar
  | Carbohydrates by Berit Smestad Paulsen
  | Organic Synthesis by Sung Ho Kang
Sep-Oct 2008 | Photodynamics by Jesús Rubayo-Soneira
  | Advanced Materials and Polymer Characterization by Michael Hess
  | Photochemistry by Silvia E. Braslavsky
  | The Role of Chemistry in Sustainable-Agriculture and Human Well-Being in Africa: CHEMRAWN XII by Piet Steyn and Christoff Pauw
  | Chemistry in a Changing World—New Possibilities within the IUPAC Family by Michael Droescher
Jul-Aug 2008 | Agrochemicals Protecting Crop, Health,
and Natural Environment
by N.A. Shakil and Jitendra Kumar
  | Improving Chemical Education in the Phillipines by Fortunato B. Sevilla III
May-Jun 2008 | Modern Physical Chemistry for Advanced Materials by Yuriy Kholin and Nikolay Mchedlow-Petrossyan
  | Physical Organic Chemistry in Latin America by Adriana B. Pierini
  | Infrared Spectroscopy Applied to Biological Systems by Andrea Gomez-Zavaglia
  | Malta III Conference by John M. Malin
  | The Future of Science is through Its Students by Laure Joumel
Mar-Apr 2008 | Greenhouse Gases: Mitigation and Utilization by John Malin
  | Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry by Natalia Tarasova
  | Novel Materials and Fine Chemistry by Yuping Wu
  | Public Health Applications of Human Biomonitoring by Paul Erhardt
Jan-Feb 2008 | The Evolving Identity of Chemistry
by D. Thorburns and Brigitte Van Tiggelen
  | Heterocyclic Chemistry by Roger Reed
  | Greenhouse Gases: Mitigation and Utilization by John M. Malin
Nov-Dec 2007 | Macromolecules for a Sustainable, Safe, and Healthy World
by Christopher K. Ober
Sep-Oct 2007 | Global Scientific Challenges: Perspectives from Young Scientists by Cristina Airoldi
  | Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins by Hamide Z. Senyuva
  | Heterocyclic Chemistry by Lisa McElwee-White
Jul-Aug 2007 | Coordination Chemistry by Klaus R. Koch
  | Polymers for Advanced Applications by Ronald D. Sanderson and Aneli Fourie
  | Advanced Materials and Polymer Characterization by Michael Hess
May-Jun 2007 | Radical Polymerization—Kinetics and Mechanism by Philipp Vana
  | Advanced Polymers for Emerging Technologies by Jung-Il Jin
  | Green Chemistry by Fabio Arico
  | Occupational Health and Safety Management in East Africa by Kelvin Khisa
Mar-Apr 2007 | Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences by U.K. Pandit
  | Chemical Thermodynamics by J.H. Dymond and M. Frenkel
  | Physical Organic Chemistry by Tadeusz Marek Krygowski
and Krzysztof Wozniak
  | High Temperature Materials Chemistry by Herbert Ipser and Adolf Mikula
  | Chemistry in Latin America by Roberto Cao
  | Conference Reports Online
Jan-Feb 2007 | > index
Nov-Dec 2006 | > index
Sep-Oct 2006 | > index
Jul-Aug 2006 | > index
May-Jun 2006 | Chemical Thermodynamics by Andrey Ya. Borschevsky and Svetlana S. Melkhanova
  | Polymers for Advanced Technologies by György Bertalan, György Marosi, and Andrea Toldy
  | Heterocyclic Chemistry by Girolamo Cirrincione and Anna Almerico
  | Molecular Mobility and Order in Polymer Systems by Anatoly Darinskii
  | Chemistry in Kenya — Its Contribution to a Healthy Environment and Socio-Economic Development by Sidney F.A. Kettle
Mar-Apr 2006 | Macromolecule-Metal Complexes by Francesco Ciardelli and Giacomo Ruggeri
  | Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Analysis by Vladimir Zaitsev
  | Novel Materials and Synthesis by Yuping Wu
  | Polymers for Africa by Dhanjay Jhurry
  | Carotenoids by George Britton
Jan-Feb 2006 | Innovation in Chemistry by Xibai Qiu
  | Solution Chemistry by Vojko Vlachy
  | Advanced Materials—WAM III by Piet Steyn and John Corish
  | Young European Chemists by Leiv K. Sydnes
Nov-Dec 2005 | Nanotechnology: Science and Applicationby Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb
  | Heterocyclic Conference by Thomas Tidwell
  | Electrical and Related Properties of Organic Solids and Polymers by Jean-Michel Nunzi
  | Physical Chemistry: Education and Challenges by Michel Rossi
Sep-Oct 2005 | Macromolecules by Jean-Pierre Vairon and Jean François Joanny
  | Fats, Oils, and Oilseeds Analysis and Production by Richard Cantrill
  | Carbohydrates by Elizabeth Hounsell
  | Polymer-Based Materials by Phillipe Dubois
Jul-Aug 2005 | Crop Protection in Latin America by E. Carazo
  | Biotechnology by Juan A. Asenjo and Barbara Andrews
  | Chemical Sciences in Changing Times: Visions, Challenges, and Solutions by Teodor Ast
  | Mycotoxins and Phycotoxins by Douglas L. Park
May-Jun 2005 | Coordination Chemistry by Silvia E. Catillo-Blum
  | Polymer Networks 2004 by Ferenc Horkay
  | Trace Elements in Food by Michael Bickel
  | Chemical Education and Sustainable Development by Natalia P. Tarasova
  | Chemistry for Agriculture by Adam Pawelczyk
Mar-Apr 2005 | Organic Synthesis by Tamejiro Hiyama
  | Vanadium Chemistry by Tamas Kiss
  | Chemical Thermodynamics by John H. Dymond and Haike Yan
  | Phosphorus Chemistry by Pascal Metivier
  | Heterocyclic Chemistry by Irina P. Beletskaya
  | Soil Science by Qiaoyun Huang
  | Chemical Engineering by A.J. Núñez Sellés
Jan-Feb 2005 | Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry of Germanium, Tin, and Lead by Keith Pannell
  | Photochemistry by Silvia E. Braslavsky
  | Polymers and Organic Chemistry by Karel Jerabek
  | Solubility Phenomenon by Heinz Gamsläger
  | Chemistry in Africa by Graham E. Jackson
  | Heteroatom Chemistry by Irina Beletskaya
  | Physical Organic Chemistry by Guo-Zhen Ji
  | Biological Polyesters by George Guo-Qiang Chen
Nov-Dec 2004 | Polymers in Medicine, Nanotechnology, Degredation, and Stabilization by R.D. Sanderson
  | Biodegredable Polymers and Plastics by In-Joo Chin
  | Functional and Nano Systems by Courtney Young
  | π-Electron Systems by George Malliaras and John Reynolds
  | Biomolecular Chemistry by David StC. Black
Sep-Oct 2004 | Heterocyclic Chemistry by Tom Tidwell
  | Bio-Interface Science by Hans Griesser
  | Chemistry for Water—ChemRAWN XV Conference by Alan Smith
Jul-Aug 2004 | Bio-Based Polymers by Stanislaw Penczek
  | Advanced Materials by Michael Hess
May-Jun 2004 | Emerging Issues in Analytical Chemistry by Ryszard Lobinski
  | XVII Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry by Oleg Nefedov and Oleg Sinyashin
  | Joint Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry—
Kraków 2003
by Barbara Malawska and Katarzyna Kiec-Kononowicz
Mar-Apr 2004 | Flow Analysis by I. D. McKelvie
  | Organic Chemistry by Andreja Lesac
  | Interfaces and Interphases in Multicomponent Materials by Edina Epacher
  | Molecular Characterization of Polymers: From Convential Bulk Methods to Separation Procedures by Dusan Berek
  | Medicinal Chemistry in Asia by Tetsuo Nagano and Kazuya Kiuchi
Jan-Feb 2004 | Bioinorganic Chemistry by Stephen J. Lippard
  | Macromolecules by Jaroslav Kríz
  | Spectroscopy by Carmen Cámara and Luis Fermín Capitán-Vallvey
Nov-Dec 2003 | High Temperature Materials Chemistry by Michio Yamawaki and Gerd M. Rosenblatt
  | Plasma Chemistry by Stephen Girschick
  | Organo-Metallic Chemistry by Mark Lautens
  | Analytical Chemistry in Africa by Nelson Torto
Sep-Oct 2003 | Heterocyclic Chemistry by Lisa McElwee-White
  | Chromatography and Separations in Biosciences by Vadim A. Davankov
  | Polymer Properties by R. D. Sanderson
  | Macromolecule-Metal Complexes by Edward Karakhanov and Anton Maksimov
Jul-Aug 2003 | Safety in Chemical Production
  | Physiological Reference Values: A Shared Business
May-Jun 2003 | Solid State Chemistry
  | Photochemistry
  | The Mission and Challenges of Polymer Science and Technology
  | Polymer Characterization and Advanced Materials
Mar-Apr 2003 | Coordination Chemistry
  | Chemical Thermodynamics
Jan-Feb 2003 | Organometallic Chemistry
  | Electrical Properties of Polymers and More
  | Polymer Networks
Nov-Dec 2002 | Bioinformatics 2002: North-South Networking
  | CHEMRAWN XIV Follows Up With Green Chemistry Activities
  | Functional p-Electron Systems
  | Organic Synthesis
  | Solubility Phenomena-Application for Environmental Improvement
  | Physical Organic Chemistry  
Sep-Oct 2002 | Biodiversity
  | Macromolecules and Materials Science
  | Nuclear Analytical Techniques in the Life Sciences 
  | Prohibiting Chemical Weapons
Jul-Aug 2002 | Chemistry and Quality of Life
  | Macromolecules-Metal Complexes
  | Ionic Polymerization
  | Polymer Characterization
  | Heterocyclic Chemistry
May-Jun 2002 | Advanced Materials
  | Solution Chemistry
  | Organometallic Chemistry Directed Towards Organic Synthesis
Mar-Apr 2002 | Medicinal Chemistry
  | Analytical Sciences
Jan-Feb 2002 | Plasma Chemistry
  | Safety in Chemical Production

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