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75th Bureau - 41st Council - 76th Bureau
Brisbane, Australia, 5-8 July

There were 483 registered participants at the IUPAC General Assembly. Of that number, 384 were members of IUPAC bodies, 45 were invited Observers, and 94 were Council Delegates. The individuals totals are greater than the overall total because a number of Delegates were also Members of IUPAC bodies. A summary of the actions taken by the Council and Bureau follows, including the results of the elections for IUPAC Officers and Bureau Members.

> Election Results
> Council Actions
> Bureau Actions

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Election Results
> View nominations (posted 7 May 01)
1. Prof. L. K. Sydnes was elected Vice President and President Elect. The election results were as follows:
- Ohtaki: 59
- Sydnes: 79
2. Prof. C. Bai, Prof. S. Chandrasekaran, Prof. R.G. Gilbert, and Dr. A. Smith were elected to the Bureau.
Dr. E. P. Przybylowicz and Prof. G. Somsen were reelected.
The election results were as follows:
- Bai: 106
- Chandrasekharan: 96
- Gilbert: 90
- Gültekin: 27
- Horvai: 48
- Jönsson: 60
- Moo-Young: 77
- Przybylowicz: 112
- Smith 80
- Somsen 114
3. Prof. O. Nefedov was elected to the Executive Committee by the Bureau.

Council Actions
  1. Approved the change of Bylaw 4.103 (See Attachment 1).
  2. Did not approve the change of Bylaw-B4.1064.
  3. Approved the appointment of Batchelor, Tillery and Roberts as the Union's Auditors for 2001-2002.
  4. Approved an amended version of the proposal from the Czech National Committee, establishing a Working Party to study the issues described in the Bureau Position Paper on National Subscriptions (See Attachments 2 and 3).
  5. Approved creation of a new Division of Systematic Nomenclature and Structure Representation. (See Attachment 4)
  6. Approved continuation of the Joint Commission on Biochemical Terminology
  7. Approved creation of a new Commission on Physicochemical Symbols, Terminology and Units.
  8. Approved creation of a new Commission on Isotopic Abundances and Atomic Weights.
  9. Approved the elimination of the Medicinal Chemistry and Clinical Chemistry Sections of the Division of Chemistry and Human Health.
  10. Approved the Budget and National Subscriptions as proposed by the Treasurer (See Attachment 5).
  11. Approved the continuation of Associated Organization status for the current AOs, contingent on payment of fees.
  12. Approved the continued use of English as the official language of IUPAC.
  13. Approved a resolution of the UK National Adhering Organization encouraging NAOs to promote the submission of projects.
  14. Approved the dates and location of the 43rd General Assembly and 40th Congress: August 2005 (dates to be determined), Beijing, China.
  15. Noted the withdrawal of the National Adhering Organization of Saudi Arabia.
  16. Asked the Executive Director to inform the National Adhering Organization of Pakistan that it will cease to be a member of the Union if its arrears are not paid in full by 31 December 2001, as provided in Statute 9.2.
  17. Approved the recommendations on nomenclature and symbols approved by IDCNS in the previous biennium.
  18. Approved the Division Officers elected at the General Assembly. (See Attachment 6).

Bureau Actions
    1. Issued a Position Paper on National Subscriptions (See Attachment 3).
    2. Approved the recommendations of the Working Party on Education Proposals regarding the reorganization of the Committee on Teaching Chemistry, including the name change to Committee on Chemistry Education. The new Terms of Reference are in Attachment 7.
    3. Approved the recommendations of the Chemistry International Strategy Development Committee to change the appearance and focus of Chemistry International and the plan of the Executive Director to implement the recommendations of the CISDC.
    4. Approved the new Division Committees elected at the General Assembly.
    5. Approved the Investment Policy Statement proposed by the Finance Committee (See Attachment 8).
    6. Approved the Fund Policy Statement proposed by the Finance Committee (See Attachment 9).
    7. Approved the continuation of the current fees for the Affiliate Membership Program, USD 16 for chemical societies and USD 35 for individual members.
    8. Approved the following subscription rates for Pure and Applied Chemistry and Chemistry International proposed by the Committee on Printed and Electronic Publications:
Institutional USD 1200 (unchanged)
Institutional (3-year subscription) USD 999 per year (unchanged)
Institutional, electronic only USD 892 per year
Individual USD 99 (unchanged)
Institutional USD 99 (unchanged)
Personal USD 45 (unchanged)


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