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Macromolecular Division (IV)

Commission on Functional Polymers (IV.3)

This commission was discontinued in December 2001.
The work of the Macromolecular Division is now organized as projects.


Chairman: Prof. A.-C. Albertsson
Contact for general enquiries: Prof. J. Klein

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To provide, through international collaboration, critically evaluated information in the public interest, on the interaction between polymers and the environment, and polymers and health, and to disseminate this information in a timely fashion to IUPAC , national polymer societies, NAOs and other appropriate bodies.

To stimulate, select and organise projects in the area of Functional Polymers.
The goal of such projects could be defined as follows:

    1. Critical review of the history and present status of a research area, highlighting the contribution of polymer science.
    2. Development of position papers to improve the public visibility of a research area and to define the major topics of future research and development in contributing as chemists to the needs of our society.
    3. Definition and formulation of important subjects to be dealt with in Commission IV.1 or IV.2, or in cooperation with other IUPAC divisions.

Organisation and Projects
The Working Parties within the Commission conduct all of the charactersiation studies; at the moment there are 4 WPs:

Working party on Recycling of Polymers
Chairman: Dr. Norbert Bikales
The working party presented its final report at the IUPAC MMD meeting in Geneva, August 1997. The recommendations were unanimously approved, so that this working party has accomplished its assigned task. Publication: Macromol. Symp. 135, 287-94 (1998).

The report is also available on the web
> Report of recycling working party.

Working party on Degradable Polymers
Chairman: Prof. Anne-Christine Albertsson
The most recent activity and meeting took place in the context of the 5th International Scientific Workshop on "Biodegradable Plastics and Polymers", June 9-13, 1998 in Stockholm. Detailed information will be provided by A.-C. Albertsson.

> Project Description #430/5/93

Working party on Polymers for Microelectronic Devices
Chairman: Dr. Elsa Reichmanis
Following to a suggestion from the Geneva meeting 1997 of Commission IV.3. an initiative to establish a working party in this material science related area was started. Dr. Elsa Reichmanis from Lucent Technologies Inc. accepted the responsibility to act as chair. The status of this initiative will be discussed at Macro98.

Working Party on Biomedical Polymers
Acting Chairman: Prof. Joachim Klein
A number of seven colleagues from various countries have agreed to participate in this activity. A date and place for the first meeting has still to be identified, preferably in connection with a special symposium, devoted to this area.


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