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Committee on Chemistry Education (CCE)

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Application Procedure for the Flying Chemists Program

1. Review FCP description from <www.iupac.org/standing/cce/FCP.html>

2. Contact CCE and CED (CCE Subcommittee on Chemistry Education for Development)

3. Identify the aims for the FCP

4. Search for potential resources persons

5. Find the local support or external funding agency

6. Interact with the chair of CED for preparation of the project proposal (see FAQs <www.iupac.org/projects/faqs_projects.html>)

7. Review with CED if there is alternative options to apply for financial support via the FSC program

8. Submit the proposal/application

9. Following approval, keep close contact with CCE and CED to prepare the FCP event.

10. Write up the report for the committee after completing the project and a concise report for Chemistry International.

11. Conduct a follow-up project to investigate the impact of FCP


For more information about the FCP, contact the program coordinator Prof. Mei-Hung Chiu, CED chairman or Prof. Eva Åkesson, CCE secretary.

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