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Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 69, No.6, pp. 1237-1249, 1997



Guidelines for publication of equations of state -
I. Pure fluids

(Technical Report)

Prepared by U.K. Dieters and K.M. DeReuck

[full text - pdf 737 kB]

During recent decades, equations of state have become a major tool for the correlation and prediction of thermodynamic properties of fluids. Equations of state can be applied to pure substances as well as to mixtures, and therefore a very large number of publications deal with the development or improvement of equations of state. In order to give authors, editors, and reviewers of publications on new equations of state some guidelines and to ensure that future publications will more profitable for the reader, some criteria for pure fluids are given that ought to be fulfilled by a good manuscript. The are three major objectives that should be dealt with in a publication on equations of state:

  1. The publication should constitute an advancement in concept or in quantitative performance. The latter should be demonstrated.
  2. The publication should enable readers to decide whether they want to use it or not.
  3. The publications should help readers to program and use the equation of state.


Full text also reprinted in Chemical Engineering Journal 69 (1998) 69-81

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