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Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 76, No. 11, p. iii-iv (2004)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 76, Issue 11

Plenary lectures presented at the 5th Florida Heterocyclic Conference, Gainesville, Florida, USA, 7-10 March 2004

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The 5th Florida Heterocyclic Conference was held at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, USA from 7-10 March 2004. About 180 out-of-town participants were treated to 11 excellent plenary lectures presented by researchers from academia and industry. Three contributions were presented by industrial chemists J. Macor (Bristol-Myers Squibb, Wallingford, CT) on dual action receptor antagonists to treat hypertension; P. Ornstein (Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, IN) on adventures in drug discovery; and J.D. Armstrong III (Merck &Co., Inc, Rahway, NJ), who reported on the synthesis and process development of human neurokinin receptor (hNK-1) antagonists with potential applications for treatment of asthma, pain, and depression.

Other plenary lecturers included J. Saunders (Cambridge University, UK) on dynamic combinatorial chemistry: new opportunities for molecular recognition and catalysis; Guy Queguiner (University of Rouen, France) on the synthesis and reactions of organometallics of pyridines, quinolines, and diazines; A. Padwa (Emory University, Atlanta, GA) on cascade processes for alkaloid synthesis; L. Tietze (University of Göttingen, Germany) on domino reactions in the synthesis of heterocyclic natural products and their analogues; C.W. Rees (Imperial College, London, UK) on multiheteroatom heterocyclic chemistry; T. Tidwell (University of Toronto, Canada) on the new reactivity of pyridines and piperidines; A. Czarnik (University of Nevada-Reno, NV) on the applications of reversible hetero-cycle formation as a signaling sensor in glucose chemosensors; and J.A. Ellman (University of California, Berkeley, CA) on the new methodology for carbon-carbon bond formation in the synthesis of nitrogen heterocycles.

The conference also included a full-day short course on the fundamentals of heterocyclic chemistry, a poster session with 30 contributions, and a number of short presentations by the participants.

The Florida Heterocyclic Conference supports Arkivoc (Archive for Organic Chemistry), a free online refereed journal covering all aspects of organic chemistry, which is available at

The 6th Florida Heterocyclic Conference will be held in Gainesville, Florida from 27 February to 2 March 2005.

Alan Katritzky

A. Paul Krapcho
Conference Editor

International Advisory Committee:
A. Katritzky (USA), C.A. Ramsden (UK), C. Rees (UK), E. Scriven (USA).



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