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Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 76, No. 10, p. iii-iv (2004)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 76, Issue 10

Plenary lectures presented at the 28th International Conference on Solution Chemistry, Debrecen, Hungary, 23-28 August 2003

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The 28th International Conference on Solution Chemistry was held in Debrecen, Hungary, on 23-28 August 2003. The program covered a wide area of solution chemistry and was arranged into seven sessions: (1) thermodynamics, kinetics, and structure of solutions; (2) polymers, colloids, and interfaces in the solution phase; (3) bioinorganic and pharmaceutical problems; (4) supramolecular assemblies and nanostructures; (5) solvents and solutions under extreme conditions; (6) theoretical aspects of solutions; and (7) analytical and environmental aspects. The main focus of this conference, compared to that of recent conferences of this series,clearly indicates a shift toward supramolecular solution chemistry.

The conference was attended by about 220 scientists from 34 countries. The scientific program consisted of 9 plenary and 19 invited lectures and 65 oral and 110 poster presentations. We are pleased to include most of the plenary lectures in this issue of PAC. Some of the papers give an excellent overview of traditional solution chemistry fields, while others offer the readers a state-of-the-art review of new, nontraditional fields, such as ultrafast dynamics, supramolecular assemblies, and cyclodextrin research. In addition, a number of invited lectures and oral and poster presentations will be published in a special issue of Journal of Molecular Liquids.

We are thankful to the sponsoring organizations and other agencies for their financial support.

G. Pálinkás
Chairman of the National Organizing Committee

G. Jancsó
Conference Editor

International Steering Committee:
Chairman: I. Persson (Sweden); Members: J. Barthel (Germany); J.B. Gill (UK); H. Ohtaki (Japan); G. Pálinkás (Hungary); P. Turq (France); C.A.N. Viana (Portugal); V. Vlachy (Slovenia);
M.D. Zeidler (Germany).

Scientific Committee of the Conference:
Chairman: G. Pálinkás; Secretary: I. Tóth; Members: Gy. Bazsa; E. Brücher; I. Dékány; A. Horváth; G. Jancsó; F. Joó; E. Keszei; T. Kiss; J. Liszi; B. Noszál; T. Radnai; L. Simándi; I. Sóvágó.

Local Organizing Committee:
Chairman: I. Tóth; Members: I. Bakó; I. Bányai; I. Borzsák; P. Buglyó; I. Fábián; E. Farkas; R. Király; I. Lázár; T. Megyes; K. Várnagy.


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