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Pure Appl. Chem. 76(6), 1293, 2004

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 76, Issue 6


Understanding the reaction that powers this world: Biomimetic studies of respiratory O2 reduction by cytochrome oxidase.
Pure Appl.Chem. 76, 303–319 (2004).

R. Boulatov

As was drawn to my attention by Prof.Y. Naruta (Institute for Fundamental Research of Organic Chemistry, Kyushu University, Japan; <naruta@ms.ifoc.kyushu-u.ac.jp>), the chemical structure in original Fig. 5 erroneously omitted 3-methyl groups from the distal pyridines and showed an ether rather than the correct amide linker between the porphin and the distal superstructure. In addition, the caption did not make it sufficiently clear that the O2 adduct is a monocation,whose counterion, BF4, was omitted for clarity.The corrected version of Fig. 5 with the caption is below.

> Download full text of the report [pdf file - 120KB]

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