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Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 70, No. 12 pp. 2259 (1998)


Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 70, Issue 12

Environmental Chemistry: Latin American Symposium on Environmental Chemistry XI CHEMRAWN

Supramolecular Science and Technology

XI CHEMRAWN Meeting on Environmental Chemistry: Latin American Symposium on Environmental Chemistry, Montevideo, Uruguay, 15—20 March 1998

Preface, M. Knochen

New challenges in environmental chemistry
W. F. Jardim
p. 2259 [full text - pdf 278KB]

Strategies for sustainable development–experiences from a university cooperation in the Baltic Sea region
L. Rydén
p. 2263 [full text - pdf 582KB]

Advanced oxidation processes applied to effluent streams from an agrochemical industry
A. F. Martins
p. 2271 [full text - pdf 490KB]

Toxic trace metal speciation: importance and tools for environmental and biological analysis
A. Sanz-Medel
p. 2281 [full text - pdf 342KB]

Performance and results of a six-year German/Brazilian research project in the industrial area of Cubatão/SP Brazil
D. Klockow and H. J. Targa
p. 2287 [full text - pdf 647KB]

Health risk assessment due to wastewater use in agriculture
M. L. de Esparza
p. 2295 [full text - pdf 283KB]

Computational chemistry as an analytical tool: thermochemical examples in atmospheric chemistry
O. N. Ventura and M. Kieninger
p. 2301 [full text - pdf 556KB]

Laboratory proficiency testing programmes
J. Gilbert and A. L. Patey
p. 2309 [full text - pdf 277KB]

Monitoring eutrophication and pollution in estuarine environments–focusing on the use of benthic communities
L. Kautsky
p. 2313 [full text - pdf 419KB]

Environmental endocrine disruptors
L. H. Keith
p. 2319 [full text - pdf 522KB]

Cultural heritage and the environment
R. Van Grieken, F. Delalieux and K. Gysels
p. 2327 [full text - pdf 452KB]

Capability of the laboratories of universities to develop environmental studies
M. L. de Esparza
p. 2333 [full text - pdf 224KB]


1st International Conference on Supramolecular Science and Technology, Zakopane, Poland, 27 September— 3 October 1998

Preface, M. Pietraszkiewicz

Suprasupermolecular chemistry: the chemistry within the dendrimer
G. R. Newkome
p. 2337 [full text - pdf 452KB]

Tailoring molecular assemblies for metal ion bending
K. R. Adam, I. M. Atkinson, S. Farquhar, A. J. Leong, L. F. Lindoy, M. S. Mahinay, P.  A. Tasker and D. Thorp
p. 2345 [full text - pdf 482KB]

Copper(i) halide supramolecular networks linked by N-heterocyclic donor bridging ligands
A. J. Blake, N. R. Brooks, N. R. Champness, L. R. Hanton, P.  Hubberstey and M. Schröder
p. 2351 [full text - pdf 479KB]

Photo- and redox-active host assemblies
C. D. Hall, G. J. Kirkovits, N.  K. Djedovic, T.-K.-U. Truong and J. H. R. Tucker
p. 2359 [full text - pdf 255KB]

A photoresponsive molecular switch. Reaction of CO2 and epoxide regulated by an aluminum porphyrin—stilbazole system
H. Sugimoto and S. Inoue
p. 2365 [full text - pdf 346KB]

Binding biomolecules with designed, hydrogen-bonding receptors
T. W. Bell, N. M.  Hext and A. B. Khasanov
p. 2371 [full text - pdf 430KB]

Molecular delivery systems using macrocyclic sugar clusters
Y. Aoyama, Y. Matsuda, J.  Chuleeraruk, K. Nishiyama, K. Fujimoto, T. Fujimoto, T. Shimizu and O.  Hayashida
p. 2379 [full text - pdf 399KB]

Rigidity in synkinetic molecular monolayers of functional lipids containing Angstrom Gaps
J.-H.  Fuhrhop, L. Ruhlmann, C. Messerschmidt, W. Fudickar, J. Zimmermann and B.  Röder
p. 2385 [full text - pdf 985KB]

Metal ion extraction by lariat ethers with ‘tunable’ proton-ionizable groups
R. A.  Bartsch, S. N. Ivy, J. Lu, V. J. Huber, V. S. Talanov, W. Walkowiak, C. Park and B. Amiri-Eliasi
p. 2393 [full text - pdf 426KB]

Functionalized calix[4]pyrroles
J. L. Sessler, P. Anzenbacher Jr, K. Jursikova, H. Miyaji, J. W. Genge, N. A. Tvermoes, W. E. Allen and J.  A. Shriver
p. 2401 [full text - pdf 523KB]

Erratum - Spectroelectrochemistry: A survey of in situ spectroscopic techniques (Technical Report). Pure Appl.
70(7), 1395-1414, 1998.
Commission on Electrochemistry (W. Plieth, G. S. Wilson and C. GutiCrrez de la Fe)
p. 2409 [full text - pdf 235KB]


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