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Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 70, No. 6 pp. 1145-1318 (1998)


Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 70, Issue 6

Plasma Chemistry (ISPC-13)

Advances In Polymer Science and Technology (Macro '98)

IUPAC Recommendations and Technical Reports

13th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC-13), Beijing, China, 1822 August 1997

Preface, C.-k. Wu

Plasma diagnosis by high-resolution spectroscopy of transient molecules
E. Hirota
p. 1145 [full text - pdf 513KB]

Treatment of dust particles in an RF plasma monitored by Mie scattering rotating compensator ellipsometry
G. H. P. M. Swinkels, E. Stoffels, W.W. Stoffels, N. Simons, G. M. W. Kroesen, and F.J. de Hoog
p. 1151 [full text - pdf 399KB]

Water-stabilized plasma generators
p. 1157 [full text - pdf 478KB]

Fluid dynamic modelling of electric arcs for industrial applications
C. Delalondre, A. Bouvier, A. Caruso, N. Méchitoua, O. Simonin and J.-C. Vérité
p. 1163 [full text - pdf 1.1MB]

Dielectric barrier discharges and ozone synthesis
G. J. Pietsch and V. I. Gibalov
p. 1169 [full text - pdf 427KB]

Cold cathode arc attachment: The importance of the high local pressure
J.-L. Meunier and S. Coulombe
p. 1175 [full text - pdf 388KB]

Plasmasurface interactions in the processing of iiiv semiconductor materials
M. Losurdo, P. Capezzuto and G. Bruno
p. 1181 [full text - pdf 554KB]

Phasespace modelling of a radiofrequency plasma interacting with surfaces
T. Makabe, J. Matsui and N. Nakano
p. 1187 [full text - pdf 375KB]

High rate deposition of thick epitaxial films by thermal plasma flash evaporation
K. Terashima, N. Yamaguchi, T. Hattori, Y. Takamura and T. Yoshida
p. 1193 [full text - pdf 495KB]

Synthesis of ceramic films on metallic substrates using magnetron-sputtering deposition synchro-enhanced by microwave ECR plasma source ion implantation under high vacuum conditions
T. Ma, X. Deng, W. Lu and J. Zhang
p. 1199 [full text - pdf 285KB]

Process control of organosilicon plasmas for barrier film preparations
R. Lamendola and R. d'Agostino
p. 1203 [full text - pdf 478KB]

Modeling droplet impact in plasma spray processes
J. Mostaghimi
p. 1209 [full text - pdf 515KB]

Eulerain and Lagrangian modelling of dust-laden plasma jets
O. P. Solonenko
p. 1217 [full text - pdf 581KB]

Thermal plasma process development in Norway
J. A. Bakken, R. Jensen, B. Monsen, O. Raaness and A. N. Wærnes
p. 1223 [full text - pdf 561KB]


IUPAC International Symposium On Advances In Polymer Science and Technology (Macro '98), Madras, India, 59 January 1998

Preface, K. S. V. Srinivasan

New polyolefins by metallocene catalysts
p. 1229 [full text - pdf 242KB]

Star shaped and hyperbranched aromatic polyesters
H. R. Kricheldorf
p. 1235 [full text - pdf 199KB]

Preparation and structure of polyether-block containing polymers
A. Boularès, C. Rodriques, L. Rozès, M. Tessier and E. Maréchal
p. 1239 [full text - pdf 281KB]

Poly(ethylene glycol) block copolymers by redox process: Kinetics, synthesis and characterization
S. Nagarajan, S. Sudhakar and K. S. V. Srinivasan
p. 1245 [full text - pdf 291KB]

Liquid crystalline polymers: The effects of chain disruptors
C. K. S. Pillai
p. 1249 [full text - pdf 429KB]

Anodic generation of new ionophoric conducting polymers
J. Simonet
p. 1253 [full text - pdf 391KB]

Conducting polymers for biosensors: Rationale based on models
K. S. V. Santhanam
p. 1259 [full text - pdf 300KB]

From Euclidean to fractal geometry: The case of disintegration of polyaniline colloid particles
B. M. Mandal
p. 1263 [full text - pdf 204KB]

Recent advances in polymers for electronics and optics
S. Tripathy, D.-Y. Kim, L. Li and J. Kumar
p. 1267 [full text - pdf 425KB]

Nanogels and microgels: The new polymeric materials playground
N. B. Graham and A. Cameron
p. 1271 [full text - pdf 390KB]

Biodegradable hydrogels for bone regeneration through growth factor release
Y. Tabata, M. Yamamoto and Y. Ikada
p. 1277 [full text - pdf 637KB]

New concepts in controlled drug delivery
K. P. Rao
p. 1283 [full text - pdf 378KB]

Reactively compatibilized polymer blends: Interfacial chemical reactions during melt-extrusion
K. Dedecker and G. Groeninckx
p. 1289 [full text - pdf 480KB]

Synthesis and characterization of polyurethane microspheres
L. S. Ramanathan, P. G. Shukla and S. Sivaram
p. 1295 [full text - pdf 291KB]


IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Analytical aspects of chemically modified electrodes: Classification, critical evaluation and recommendations (IUPAC Recommendations 1998), Commission on Electroanalytical Chemistry (W. Kutner, J. Wang, M. L'her and R. P. Buck)
p. 1301 [full text - pdf 1.4MB]


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