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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 66, No. 10/11 (1994)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 66, Issue 10/11

19th International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products

19th International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, Karachi, Pakistan, 16-20 January 1994

p. viii [full text - pdf 1061 kB]

Special Lectures

The invention of chemical reactions of relevance to the chemistry of natural products
D. H. R. Barton
p. 1943 [full text - pdf 715 kB]

The study of intramolecular dynamics by nuclear magnetic resonance
R. R. Ernst
p. 1955 [full text - pdf 403 kB]

Perspectives in supramolecular chemistry: From molecular recognition towards self-organisation
J.-M. Lehn
p. 1961 [full text - pdf 246 kB]

Plenary Lectures

Recent discoveries in the chemistry of natural products
Atta-ur-Rahman and M. I. Choudhary
p. 1967 [full text - pdf 554 kB]

Functional roles of natural products: The involvement of extended arrays of weak interactions in cooperative binding phenomena
D. H. Williams, M. S. Searle, P. Groves, J. P. Mackay, M. S. Westwell, D. A. Beauregard and M. F. Cristofaro
p. 1975 [full text - pdf 439 kB]

The chemistry of some sponges and their symbionts
D. J. Faulkner, M. D. Unson and C. A. Bewley
p. 1983 [full text - pdf 578 kB]

Synthetic and stereochemical aspects of pheromone chemistry
K. Mori
p. 1991 [full text - pdf 422 kB]

Unnatural prostaglandins of biochemical and physiological significance
R. Noyori, H. Koyano, M. Mori, R. Hirata, Y. Shiga, T. Kokura and M. Suzuki
p. 1999 [full text - pdf 451 kB]

Enhanced synthetic efficiency towards natural products via transition metal catalyzed reactions
B. M. Trost
p. 2007 [full text - pdf 428 kB]

Design and development of synthetic peptide antigens
W. Voelter, S. Stoeva, T. Kaiser, G. Grubler, M. Mihelic, H. Echner, A. A. Haritos, H. Seeger and T. H. Lippert
p. 2015 [full text - pdf 545 kB]

The formation of benzophenanthridine alkaloids
M. H. Zenk
p. 2023 [full text - pdf 472 kB]

Invited Lectures

Section A: Synthetic Approaches to Natural Products

Higher-order cycloaddition reactions in natural product synthesis
H. S. Ateeq
p. 2029 [full text - pdf 245 kB]

Natural products by enantioselective catalysis with transition metal compounds
H. Brunner
p. 2033 [full text - pdf 217 kB]

Asymmetric syntheses and lanthanide-induced CD studies of (24R and 24S) 5b-cholestane-3a,7a,12a,24,25-pentols
B. Dayal, K. Rao, G. Salen, W. M. Seong, B. N. Pramanik, E. C. Huang and V. Toome
p. 2037 [full text - pdf 227 kB]

The tandem cycloaddition chemistry of nitroalkenes
S. E. Denmark, M. E. Schnute, A. Thorarensen, D. S. Middleton and A. Stolle
p. 2041 [full text - pdf 253 kB]

Biosynthetic studies on taxol
P. E. Fleming, H. G. Floss, M. Haertel, A. R. Knaggs, A. Lansing, U. Mocek and K. D. Walker
p. 2045 [full text - pdf 201 kB]

Stereocontrol using silicon: A synthesis of methyl (+)-nonactate
M. Ahmar, C. Duyck and I. Fleming
p. 2049 [full text - pdf 253 kB]

Recent developments in the synthesis of drimane and lactarane sesquiterpenes
Ae. de Groot, B. J. M. Jansen, A. A. Versteaen-Haaksma, H. J. Swarts, R. V. A. Orru, G. A. Stork and J. B. P. A. Wijnberg
p. 2053 [full text - pdf 271 kB]

Synthesis and CD spectral studies of some fused cholestenopyrimidines
M. Hasan, N. Rashid, W. Voelter, G. Snatzke and H. Duddeck
p. 2057 [full text - pdf 209 kB]

Synthesis of macrocyclic lactam/lactone derivatives having antimicrobial activity
P. Helquist, M. Bergdahl, R. Hett, A. R. Gangloff, M. Demillequand, M. Cottard, M. M. Mader, T. Friebe, J. Iqbal, Y. Wu, B. Akermark, T. Rein and N. Kann
p. 2063 [full text - pdf 276 kB]

Enantioselective synthesis of alkaloids and carbohydrates via chemoenzymatic methods
T. Hudlicky
p. 2067 [full text - pdf 183 kB]

Application of the aza-Claisen rearrangement to the total synthesis of natural products: (-)-Isoiridomyrmecin
S. Ito and T. Tsunoda
p. 2071 [full text - pdf 242 kB]

Concise enantiospecific syntheses of a-hydroxy-b-amino acids and indolizidines of natural origin
C. W. Jefford, Z.-H. Lu and J. B. Wang
p. 2075 [full text - pdf 237 kB]

A new synthetic approach to dendrobatid alkaloids
C. Kibayashi
p. 2079 [full text - pdf 212 kB]

Synthetic studies on phenazine antibiotics and antheridic acid
T. Kitahara, Y. Kinoshita, S. Aono, M. Miyake, T. Hasegawa, H. Watanabe and K. Mori
p. 2083 [full text - pdf 257 kB]

A palladium catalyzed route to a benzofuran analogue of idolactam V (ILV): Effects on PKC isotype selectivity
A. P. Kozikowski, D. Ma, L. Du, N. E. Lewin and P. M. Blumberg
p. 2087 [full text - pdf 260 kB]

The structure and reactivity of C60
H. W. Kroto, R. Taylor and D. R. M. Walton
p. 2091 [full text - pdf 204 kB]

Total syntheses of strychnos alkaloids
M. E. Kuehne, C. S. Brook, F. Xu and R. Parsons
p. 2095 [full text - pdf 135 kB]

Synthesis and chemistry of the insect antifeedant azadirachtin
S. V. Ley
p. 2099 [full text - pdf 184 kB]

Di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate: A medical concern and a possible marker for chronic fatigue syndrome
S. Malik, M. A. Kenny and D. S. Buchwald
p. 2103 [full text - pdf 217 kB]

Synthesis of heterocyclic natural products: Model studies towards diazonamide A
C. J. Moody, K. J. Doyle, M. C. Elliott and T. J. Mowlem
p. 2107 [full text - pdf 223 kB]

Synthesis, conformational and biological properties of lipophilic derivatives of gastrin and cholecystokinin peptides
L. Moroder and R. Romano
p. 2111 [full text - pdf 238 kB]

Stereospecific addition of thiophenol to electron-deficient double bond and its application to natural product synthesis
O. Miyata, T. Naito and I. Ninomiya
p. 2115 [full text - pdf 168 kB]

Enantiocontrolled route to natural products using chiral equivalents of cyclopentenone and cyclohexenone
K. Ogasawara
p. 2119 [full text - pdf 177 kB]

Experiments directed towards synthesis of complex glycosphinogolipids: Ganglioganglioside GQ1b1
S. Nunomura, Y. Matsuzaki, Y. Ito and T. Ogawa
p. 2123 [full text - pdf 209 kB]

Diastereo- and enantioselective akaloid syntheses
W. Oppolzer
p. 2127 [full text - pdf 215 kB]

Studies on the total synthesis of manzamine A
U. K. Pandit, B. C. Borer, H. Bieraugel and S. Deerenberg
p. 2131 [full text - pdf 226 kB]

Novel methods for the synthesis of C-aryl glycoside natural products
K. A. Parker
p. 2135 [full text - pdf 181 kB]

Biomimetic chemical transformation from simple indole alkaloids to Gelsemium alkaloids
S.-I. Sakai and H. Takayama
p. 2139 [full text - pdf 219 kB]

Atropisomer-selective 1,1'-binaphthyl synthesis via chirality transfer from sulfur
R. W. Baker and M. V. Sargent
p. 2143 [full text - pdf 418 kB]

Use of the aryl groups as the carboxyl synthon. Application to the synthesis of some natural products containing hydroxyamino acid functions
T. Shiori, F. Matsuura and Y. Hamada
p. 2151 [full text - pdf 235 kB]

Combined directed ortho metalation-cross coupling strategies. Design for natural product synthesis
V. Snieckus
p. 2155 [full text - pdf 238 kB]

Asymmetric synthesis of natural products monitored by chiral sulfoxides
G. Solladie, A. Almario and C. Dominguez
p. 2159 [full text - pdf 209 kB]

N-acyliminium ion cyclisations in natural product chemistry: Synthesis of gelsemine
W. N. Speckamp, N. J. Newcombe, H. Hiemstra, F. Ya, R. J. Vijn and W.-J. Koot
p. 2163 [full text - pdf 224 kB]

Application of a-chloroglycine residues for the modification of oligopeptides
W. Steglich, M. Jager, S. Jaroch and P. Zistler
p. 2167 [full text - pdf 162 kB]

Enzymatic synthesis of analogs of bacterial lipid A and design of biologically active LPS-antagonists and -mimetics
M. Bulusu, J. Hildebrandt, C. Lam, E. Liehl, H. Loibner, I. Macher, D. Scholz, E. Schutze, P. Stutz, H. Vyplel and F. Unger
p. 2171 [full text - pdf 245 kB]

Total synthesis of aryl C-glycoside antibiotics
K. Suzuki
p. 2175 [full text - pdf 265 kB]

Azabicyclo[3.2.1]octene derivatives obtained by rearrangement reactions in course of the catharanthine synthesis
H. Bolcskei, E. Gacs-Baitz and C. Szantay
p. 2179 [full text - pdf 194 kB]

The chemistry of khat. An approach to the synthesis of euonyminol
J. D. White
p. 2183 [full text - pdf 294 kB]

Synthesis of C-glycosyl compounds and other natural products from levoglucosenone
Z. J. Witczak
p. 2189 [full text - pdf 252 kB]

Section B: Bioactive Natural Products

Highlights in phytochemistry of hepaticae-biologically active terpenoids and aromatic compounds
Y. Asakawa
p. 2193 [full text - pdf 203 kB]

Second generation leukotriene biosynthesis inhibitors
A. Basha, D. W. Brooks, A. O. Stewart, R. L. Bell and G. W. Carter
p. 2197 [full text - pdf 208 kB]

Discovery of potential antidepressant agents: Novel 3-arylpyrrolidines with dual mechanism of action on neurotransmission
F. Z. Basha and J. F. DeBernardis
p. 2201 [full text - pdf 214 kB]

Chemistry in a salad bowl: Comparative organosulfur chemistry of garlic, onion and shiitake mushrooms
E. Block and R. Deorazio
p. 2205 [full text - pdf 175 kB]

The biosynthesis of pyoverdins
H. Budzikiewicz
p. 2207 [full text - pdf 291 kB]

Biorational design of herbicides: Synthesis of inhibitors of the PFP enzyme
M. S. Chorghade and C. Cseke
p. 2211 [full text - pdf 194 kB]

Enzyme-mediated regioselective acylation of polyhydroxylated natural products
B. Danieli and S. Riva
p. 2215 [full text - pdf 247 kB]

Mechanism-based isolation and structures of some anticancer active natural products
A. A. L. Gunatilaka, D. G. I. Kingston and R. K. Johnson
p. 2219 [full text - pdf 315 kB]

Bioactive metabolites from marine invertebrates
M. Guyot
p. 2223 [full text - pdf 244 kB]

Bioactive compounds from marine sponges
T. Higa, J.-I. Tanaka, A. Kitamura, T. Koyama, M. Takahashia and T. Uchida
p. 2227 [full text - pdf 237 kB]

Search for new antifungal compounds from higher plants
K. Hostettmann and A. Marston
p. 2231 [full text - pdf 267 kB]

Structural studies on glycoprotein glycans
J. P. Kamerling
p. 2235 [full text - pdf 307 kB]

Biomimetic synthesis of nazlinin and nitrarine
M. J. Wanner and G. J. Koomen
p. 2239 [full text - pdf 225 kB]

Biotechnology and synthetic chemistry: Routes to clinically important natural products
J. P. Kutney
p. 2243 [full text - pdf 236 kB]

Structural and synthetic studies of pithomycolide
P. W. Le Quesne, M. Moussa and D. A. Forsyth
p. 2249 [full text - pdf 242 kB]

Synthesis and cytotoxicity of natural (+)-duocarmycin A and its three possible stereoisomers
K. Nakatani, Y. Fukuda and and S. Terashima
p. 2255 [full text - pdf 300 kB]

Role of cell surface carbohydrates in malaria
Nasir-ud-Din, M. A. Qazi, G. Senaldi, A. H. Khan, K. Mahmood, Z. Mahmood, M. H. Qazi, D. C. Hoessli and E. Walker-Nasir
p. 2259 [full text - pdf 270 kB]

Bioactive phenolic compounds in traditional medicines
S. Nishibe
p. 2263 [full text - pdf 275 kB]

Microbial metabolites affecting lipid biosynthesis
S. Omura and H. Tomoda
p. 2267 [full text - pdf 266 kB]

Marine animal and terrestrial plant anticancer constituents
G. R. Pettit
p. 2271 [full text - pdf 810 kB]

Recent studies on cytotoxic, anti-HIV and antimalarial agents from plants
G. A. Cordell, C. K. Angerhofer and J. M. Pezzuto
p. 2283 [full text - pdf 324 kB]

Bioactive components from Ficus glomerata
N. N. Rahman, M. Khan and R. Hasan
p. 2287 [full text - pdf 284 kB]

Alkaloids from plants of Madagascar in the treatment of drug-resistant Plasmodium malaria
P. Rasoanaivo and S. Ratsimamanga-Urverg
p. 2291 [full text - pdf 290 kB]

Recent results in the search for bioactive compounds from Turkish medicinal plants
B. Sener
p. 2295 [full text - pdf 234 kB]

Secondary phytotoxic metabolites from pathogenic fungi: Structure, synthesis and activity
R. Tabacchi
p. 2299 [full text - pdf 247 kB]

Biosynthesis of the pigments of life. The mystery of the cyclisation and ring D-inversion in the formation of uroporphyrinogen III
L. E. Tietze, H. Geissler and G. Schulz
p. 2303 [full text - pdf 211 kB]

Plant cell biotechnology for the production of secondary metabolites
R. Verpoorte, R. van der Heijden, J. H. C. Hoge and H. J. G. ten Hoopen
p. 2307 [full text - pdf 302 kB]

Section C: Structural Studies on Natural Products

New natural products from terrestrial medicinal plants and marine algae
V. U. Ahmad, W. U. Ahmad, R. Aliya, F. T. Baqai, Ghazala, S. Iqbal, R. Khatoon, F. V. Mohammad, M. Noorwala, S. Perveen, A. Pervez, N. Saba, M. G. Shah and S. Siddiqui
p. 2311 [full text - pdf 215 kB]

The chemistry of fumonisins and related compounds. Fumonisins from Fusarium moniliforme: Chemistry, structure and biosynthesis
J. W. ApSimon, B. A. Blackwell, O. E. Edwards, A. Fruchier, J. D. Miller, M. Savard and J. C. Young
p. 2315 [full text - pdf 227 kB]

Synthesis of new antitumour anthracyclines: Derivatives bearing a fluorine substitution at position 8 or 10
A. Guidi, F. Canfarini, A. Giolitti, F. Pasqui, V. Pestellini and F. Arcamone
p. 2319 [full text - pdf 205 kB]

Gas phase infrared spectroscopy in characterization of unsaturated natural products
A. B. AttygaIIe
p. 2323 [full text - pdf 231 kB]

Aframodial and other bioactive diterpenoids from Aframomum species
J. F. Ayafor, M. H. K. Tchuendem, B. Nyasse, F. Tillequin and H. Anke
p. 2327 [full text - pdf 270 kB]

Total synthesis of yuehchukene
J. Bergman and L. Venemalm
p. 2331 [full text - pdf 154 kB]

Recent developments in iridoids chemistry
A. Bianco
p. 2335 [full text - pdf 217 kB]

Some recent isolation studies from potential insecticidal Piper species
P. M. Boll, V. S. Parmar, O. D. Tyagi, A. Prasad, J. Wengel and C. E. Olsen
p. 2339 [full text - pdf 178 kB]

Antifertility principles from Marsdenia tinctoria: Pharmacological and phytochemical studies
A. K. A. Chowdhury, M. F. Hashim, B. C. Sen, O. F. Khan and M. Ahmed
p. 2343 [full text - pdf 212 kB]

Biologically active constituents of tropical and subtropical plants
W. Kraus, M. Koll-Weber, R. Maile, T. Wunder and B. Vogler
p. 2347 [full text - pdf 305 kB]

Bioactive natural products from Thai plants
C. Mahidol, P. Sahakitpichan and S. Ruchirawat
p. 2353 [full text - pdf 253 kB]

Molecular rearrangements in derivatives of grandiflorenic acid [(-)-kaur-9(11),16-dien-19-oic acid]
T. Nakano, M. A. Maillo, A. C. Spinelli, A. Martin and A. Usubillaga
p. 2357 [full text - pdf 230 kB]

Molecular rearrangements in longipinane derivatives
P. Joseph-Nathan and C. M. Cerda-Garcia-Rojas
p. 2361 [full text - pdf 193 kB]

Erythromycin: New chemistry on an old compound
R. J. Pariza and L. A. Freiberg
p. 2365 [full text - pdf 174 kB]

C45- and C50-carotenoids
H. Pfander
p. 2369 [full text - pdf 312 kB]

Constituents of some Asian medicinal plants
W. C. Taylor
p. 2375 [full text - pdf 227 kB]

Cytotoxic lignans from Haplophyllum species
A. Ulubelen, R. R. Gil, G. A. Cordell, A. H. MeriCli and F. MeriCli
p. 2379 [full text - pdf 149 kB]

Structure elucidation of xanthone derivatives with CD4-binding activity from Penicillium glabrum (Wehmer) Westling
S. K. Wrigley, M. A. Latif, T. M. Gibson, M. I. Chicarelli-Robinson and D. H. Williams
p. 2383 [full text - pdf 323 kB]

Section D: Bioorganic Chemistry

A transition from ionic to free-radical mechanisms in chemistry and enzymology
M. Akhtar, J. N. Wright, A. Z. Shyadehi and P. Robichaud
p. 2387 [full text - pdf 290 kB]

Chemistry of the cytotoxic principles of the ma rine fungus Lignincola laevis
S. P. Abraham, T. D. Hoang, M. Alam and E. B. G. Jones
p. 2391 [full text - pdf 273 kB]

Anthraquinones and chemotaxonomy of the asphodelaceae
E. Dagne and A. Yenesew
p. 2395 [full text - pdf 203 kB]

Multiple ionizations in proteins: Arsenical analogues of natural phosphates
H. B. F. Dixon
p. 2399 [full text - pdf 277 kB]

Anticoagulant activities of b-1,3-glucansulfates in dependence on their molecular weight
S. Alban and G. Franz
p. 2403 [full text - pdf 368 kB]

Structure-activity relations of teratogenic natural products
W. Garfield and R. F. Keeler
p. 2407 [full text - pdf 279 kB]

Biosynthesis of lactacystin, a novel microbial metabolite which induces differentiation of Neuro 2a cells, a mouse neuroblastoma cell line
A. Nakagawa, M. Kainosho and S. Omura
p. 2411 [full text - pdf 197 kB]

Formation of reactive intermediates by cytochrome P-450 mediated oxidation of the anticancer drug mitoxantrone
K.-P. Zeller, K. Mewes, G. Ehninger and J. Blanz
p. 2415 [full text - pdf 221 kB]

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