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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 62, No. 10 (1990)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 62, Issue 10

Eighth International Conference on Organic Synthesis

Eighth International Conference on Organic Synthesis, Helsinki, Finland, 23-27 July 1990

T. A. Hase, J. Koskimies, G. Brunow and L. Koskinen
p. iv [full text - pdf 61 kB]

Plenary Lectures

Enzyme mimics
R. Breslow
p. 1859 [full text - pdf 611 kB]

Synthetic methodology involving the carbopalladation of allenes
B. Cazes
p. 1867 [full text - pdf 580 kB]

Stereocontrol in organic synthesis using silicon compounds
I. Fleming
p. 1879 [full text - pdf 576 kB]

The psychobiological basis of heuristic synthesis planning - man, machine and the chiron approach
S. Hanessian, J. Franco and B. Larouche
p. 1887 [full text - pdf 1817 kB]

Mechanistic investigations of a biomimetic polycyclization process that leads to the Daphniphyllum alkaloids
C. H. Heathcock, S. Piettre and J. Kath
p. 1911 [full text - pdf 438 kB]

CAMEO: a program for the logical prediction of the products of organic reactions
W. L. Jorgensen, E. R. Laird, A. J. Gushurst, J. M. Fleischer, S. A. Gothe, H. E. Helson, G. D. Paderes and S. Sinclair
p. 1921 [full text - pdf 924 kB]

Synthetic applications of metallate rearrangements
P. Kocienski and C. Barber
p. 1933 [full text - pdf 511 kB]

Regio- and stereocontrolled catalytic palladium- and nickel 'ene-type' cyclizations
W. Oppolzer
p. 1941 [full text - pdf 342 kB]

New synthetic methodology using organosulfur compounds
G. H. Posner
p. 1949 [full text - pdf 468 kB]

Invited Lectures

New perspectives of carbo- and hetero-l,3-dienes in organic synthesis
J. Barluenga, F. Aznar, S. Fustero and M. Tomas
p. 1957 [full text - pdf 507 kB]

Synthesis of carbazole alkaloids
J. Bergman and B. Pelcman
p. 1967 [full text - pdf 565 kB]

Synthetic routes proposed by a noninteractive synthesis program
T. Takabatake and M. Bersohn
p. 1977 [full text - pdf 138 kB]

Are flash pyrolytic reactions useful?
R. F. C. Brown
p. 1981 [full text - pdf 289 kB]

Sequential cross-coupling reactions as a versatile synthetic tool
V. Fiandanese
p. 1987 [full text - pdf 350 kB]

Stereocontrol in allylboration reactions
R. W. Hoffmann, G. Niel and A. Schlapbach
p. 1993 [full text - pdf 289 kB]

Metallated 2-alkenyl carbamates: chiral homoenolate reagents for asymmetric synthesis
D. Hoppe, T. Kramer, J.-R. Schwark and O. Zschage
p. 1999 [full text - pdf 365 kB]

Methodology for stereochemical control in bioactive natural product synthesis - new methods toward enediyne antitumor antibiotics
M. Isobe, T. Nishikawa, A. Herunsalee, T. Tsukiyama, Y. Hirose, K. Shimokawa and T. Goto
p. 2007 [full text - pdf 268 kB]

Towards antibody-mediated metallo-porphyrin chemistry
E. Keinan, S. C. Sinha, A. Sinha-Bagchi, E. Benory, M. C. Ghozi, Z. Eshhar and B. S. Green
p. 2013 [full text - pdf 482 kB]

a-silyl carbonyl compounds
G. L. Larson
p. 2021 [full text - pdf 342 kB]

Catalysis of organic reactions by inorganic solids
P. Laszlo
p. 2027 [full text - pdf 304 kB]

Stereoselective synthesis of inositol phosphates
S. V. Ley
p. 2031 [full text - pdf 262 kB]

Intramolecular alkoxy-carbonylation of hydroxy alkenes promoted by Pd(II)
M. F. Semmelhack, C. Kim, N. Zhang, C. Bodurow, M. Sanner, W. Dobler and M. Meier
p. 2035 [full text - pdf 350 kB]

Chiral building blocks based on technical grade b-citronellene
E. P. Serebryakov, N. Cong Hao and M. V. Mavrov
p. 2041 [full text - pdf 404 kB]

The directed ortho metalation reaction. Methodology, applications, synthetic links, and a non-aromatic ramification
V. Snieckus
p. 2047 [full text - pdf 428 kB]

Transition metal-stabilised vinylketenes
L. Hill, C. J. Richards and S. E. Thomas
p. 2057 [full text - pdf 351 kB]

Stereo- and regioselective organic transformations based on main group organometallic reagents - application to the stereocontrolled Claisen rearrangements
H. Yamamoto and K. Maruoka
p. 2063 [full text - pdf 384 kB]

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