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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 62, No. 9 (1990)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 62, Issue 9

Ninth International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Ninth International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, Pugnochiuso, Italy, 4-8 September 1989

Plenary Lectures

Elementary processes in chemical dynamics
G. G. Volpi
p. 1649 [full text - pdf 212 kB]

Chemical properties of small silicon clusters
M. L. Mandich, W. D. Reents, Jr. and K. D. Kolenbrander
p. 1653 [full text - pdf 675 kB]

Plasma deposition of semiconductor multilayer structures
M. Hirose and S. Miyazaki
p. 1661 [full text - pdf 406 kB]

Silent discharges for the generation of ultraviolet and vacuum ultraviolet excimer radiation
U. Kogelschatz
p. 1667 [full text - pdf 881 kB]

Effects of chemical reactions in arcs
H. H. Maecker
p. 1675 [full text - pdf 944 kB]

Invited Lectures
Topical lectures: cold plasma

Deposition of amorphous silicon alloys
J. Perrin
p. 1681 [full text - pdf 709 kB]

A growth mechanism for the vacuum deposition of polymeric materials
H. K. Yasuda, Y. S. Yeh and S. Fusselman
p. 1689 [full text - pdf 791 kB]

Plasma etching and modification of organic polymers
F. D. Egitto
p. 1699 [full text - pdf 699 kB]

Mechanisms of silicon etching in fluorine- and chlorine-containing plasmas
D. L. Flamm
p. 1709 [full text - pdf 852 kB]

Electron energy distribution functions in processing plasmas
N. St. J. Braithwaite
p. 1721 [full text - pdf 692 kB]

Modelling of chemical reactions under nonequilibrium halogenated electrical discharge conditions
D. I. Slovetsky
p. 1729 [full text - pdf 1065 kB]

Plasma and nitrides: application to the nitriding of titanium
A. Gicquel, N. Laidani, P. Saillard
p. 1743 [full text - pdf 767 kB]

ECR (electron cyclotron resonance) plasma for thin film technology
S. Nakayama
p. 1751 [full text - pdf 1240 kB]

The effect of non-reactive ions on the properties of PECVD (plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition) TEOS (tetraethoxysilane) oxides
A. S. Harrus, G. W. Hills and M. J. Thoma
p. 1757 [full text - pdf 1235 kB]

Topical lectures: thermal plasma

Metallurgy of open-bath plasma processes
N. A. Barcza, T. R. Curr and R. T. Jones
p. 1761 [full text - pdf 677 kB]

Properties of coatings and applications of low pressure plasma spray
K. Takeda, M. Ito and S. Takeuchi
p. 1773 [full text - pdf 3010 kB]

Complex investigation of thermophysical processes in plasma-jet spraying
O. P. Solonenko
p. 1783 [full text - pdf 1390 kB]

Plasma spraying as an advanced tool in surface engineering
H.-D. Steffens and M. Mack
p. 1801 [full text - pdf 688 kB]

Plasma synthesis of ceramic powders
P. C. Kong and Y. C. Lau
p. 1809 [full text - pdf 1402 kB]

Some aspects of the generalization of electric arc characteristics
O. I. Yas’ko
p. 1817 [full text - pdf 598 kB]

Plasma spray consolidation of materials
R. W. Smith and D. Apelian
p. 1825 [full text - pdf 3042 kB]

Measurements of nonequilibrium effects in thermal plasmas
C. H. Kruger, T. Owano and M. Gordon
p. 1833 [full text - pdf 400 kB]

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Polarographic half-wave potentials of cations in nonaqueous solvents
Commission on Electrochemistry
G. Gritzner
p. 1839 [full text - pdf 868 kB]

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