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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 62, No. 3 (1990)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 62, Issue 3

Sixth International Symposium on Novel Aromatic Compounds

Sixth International Symposium on Novel Aromatic Compounds, Toyonaka, Osaka, Japan, 20-25 August 1989

I. Murata, H. Iwamura and T. Asao
p. iv [full text - pdf 78 kB]

Plenary Lectures

Small cyclophanes: the bent benzene business
F. Bickelhaupt
p. 373 [full text - pdf 541 kB]

Novel main group-element cyclic molecules and their radical ions: are they aromatic?
H. Bock
p. 383 [full text - pdf 822 kB]

Aromatic/quinoid systems: principles and applications
S. Hunig
p. 395 [full text - pdf 668 kB]

C60, fullerenes, giant fullerenes and soot
H. Kroto
p. 407 [full text - pdf 629 kB]

A modern aspect of classical aromatic compounds
F. Toda
p. 417 [full text - pdf 289 kB]

Invited Lectures
Theoretical Studies

Molecular and electronic structures of planar inorganic rings
B. M. Gimarc
p. 423 [full text - pdf 519 kB]

Nonaromatic benzenoid hydrocarbons
I. Gutman
p. 429 [full text - pdf 334 kB]

Structure-enthalpy relationships in polycyclic cata-condensed aromatic hydrocarbons
W. C. Herndon, D. A. Connor and P. Lin
p. 435 [full text - pdf 880 kB]

How do the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons approach infinity?
H. Hosoya, H. Kumazaki, K. Chida, M. Ohuchi and Y.-D. Gao
p. 445 [full text - pdf 343 kB]

Aromaticities and reactivities based on energy partitioning
Y. Jiang and H. Zhang
p. 451 [full text - pdf 321 kB]

Spectroscopic Studies

Penning ionization electron spectroscopy of organic molecules: stereochemistry of molecular orbitals
Y. Harada
p. 457 [full text - pdf 460 kB]

NMR studies of bond-orders
M. Barfield, M. J. Collins, J. E. Gready, P. M. Hatton, S. Sternhell and C. W. Tansey
p. 463 [full text - pdf 224 kB]

Studies on Organic Metals

New 'Te-TTF' dimers, aryl-substituted TCNQ and quinone derivatives: synthesis, electrochemistry and molecular structure
J. Y. Becker, J. Bernstein, S. Bittner and S. S. Shaik
p. 467 [full text - pdf 389 kB]

Organic metals: synthesis and solid state properties of new extended tetrathiafulvalene and selenatrithiafulvalene derivatives
M. R. Bryce and A. J. Moore
p. 473 [full text - pdf 251 kB]

New multi-stage redox systems and new organic molecular metals
K. Nakasuji
p. 477 [full text - pdf 392 kB]

New tetraheterafulvalenes, metal 1,2-diheterolenes and some of their products
G. C. Papavassiliou
p. 483 [full text - pdf 120 kB]

Studies on Host-Guest Chemistry

Calixarenes: paradoxes and paradigms in molecular baskets
C. D. Gutsche, J. S. Rogers, D. Stewart and K.-A. See
p. 485 [full text - pdf 517 kB]

Amine selective coloration with chromoacerands
S. Misumi
p. 493 [full text - pdf 329 kB]

Cyclophanes as synthetic receptors
I. O. Sutherland
p. 499 [full text - pdf 376 kB]

New strained and chiral aromatic molecules
F. Vogtle, A. Ostrowicki, P. Knops, S. Billen and K. Mittelbach
p. 505 [full text - pdf 111 kB]

Organic Experiments

Azulenic novel p-electronic compounds
T. Asao
p. 507 [full text - pdf 392 kB]

Borepins and group 15 element heteroles
A. J. Ashe, III, F. J. Drone, C. M. Kausch, J. Kroker and S. M. Al-Taweel
p. 513 [full text - pdf 249 kB]

New high-spin p systems
D. A. Dougherty
p. 519 [full text - pdf 310 kB]

Battered benzene and twisted ethene
P. J. Garratt, D. Payne and A. Tsotinis
p. 525 [full text - pdf 304 kB]

Novel pentafulvenes-versatile building blocks in p-perimeter chemistry
K. Hafner
p. 531 [full text - pdf 574 kB]

Alkylidenecycloproparenes: strained and polar aromatics
B. Halton
p. 541 [full text - pdf 349 kB]

Sigma-delocalized aromatic species formed from cyclic arrays of hypervalent main-group element species
J. C. Martin and L. J. Schaad
p. 547 [full text - pdf 319 kB]

Overall view of cyclic polycalicenyls
T. Sugimoto and Z. Yoshida
p. 551 [full text - pdf 441 kB]

Novel porphyrinoids
E. Vogel
p. 557 [full text - pdf 648 kB]

The chemistry of cycloocta[2,1-b:3,4-bí]dipyridine and its derivatives
X. C. Wang and H. N. C. Wong
p. 565 [full text - pdf 279 kB]

Use of benzene rings as parts of rigid rotors: dynamic stereochemistry of 9-(aryl-X)-triptycene derivatives
G. Yamamoto
p. 569 [full text - pdf 369 kB]

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