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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 62, No. 2 (1990)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 62, Issue 2

International Conference on Nitroxide Radicals

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

International Conference on Nitroxide Radicals, Novosibirsk, USSR, 18-22 September 1989

L. B. Volodarsky
p. iv [full text - pdf 95 kB]

Advances in the chemistry of stable nitroxides
L. B. Volodarsky
p. 177 [full text - pdf 291 kB]

The chemistry of vinyl nitroxides
H. G. Aurich
p. 183 [full text - pdf 404 kB]

Polyfluorinated nitroxides
X.-K. Jiang
p. 189 [full text - pdf 445 kB]

Acyl nitroxides: reactions and reactivity
M. J. Perkins, C. Berti, D. J. Brooks, L. Grierson, J. A.-M. Grimes, T. C. Jenkins and S. L. Smith
p. 195 [full text - pdf 329 kB]

Novel nitroxides for spin-labelling, -trapping, and magnetic resonance imaging applications
J. F. W. Keana, L. Lex, J. S. Mann, J. M. May, J. H. Park, S. Pou, V. S. Prabhu, G. M. Rosen, B. J. Sweetman and Y. Wu
p. 201 [full text - pdf 383 kB]

Novel, potentially useful spin-label reagents
K. Hideg
p. 207 [full text - pdf 257 kB]

Calibration of very fast alkyl radical 'clock' rearrangements using nitroxides
V. Bowry, J. Lusztyk and K. U. Ingold
p. 213 [full text - pdf 236 kB]

Application of redox system based on nitroxides to organic synthesis
M. Yamaguchi, T. Miyazawa, T. Takata and T. Endo
p. 217 [full text - pdf 496 kB]

Magnetic properties of nitroxide multiradicals
A. Rassat
p. 223 [full text - pdf 344 kB]

Multidimensional EPR imaging of nitroxides
M. Sueki, G. R. Eaton and S. S. Eaton
p. 229 [full text - pdf 377 kB]

The use of nitroxides in viable biological systems: an opportunity and challenge for chemists and biochemists
H. M. Swartz
p. 235 [full text - pdf 441 kB]

Metal-nitroxyl interactions - 55: Manganese(III) - nitroxyl electron-electron spin-spin interaction
J. K. More, K. M. More, G. R. Eaton and S. S. Eaton
p. 241 [full text - pdf 384 kB]

The use of spin labels in looking at subtle conformational changes in blood coagulation proteins
L. J. Berliner
p. 247 [full text - pdf 431 kB]

Advances in spin label oximetry
J. S. Hyde, J.-J. Yin, J. B. Feix and W. L. Hubbell
p. 255 [full text - pdf 394 kB]

Nitroxide radicals in studies of correlation between molecular mobility and chemical reactivity
Ya. S. Lebedev
p. 261 [full text - pdf 264 kB]

Studies of membrane dynamics using nitroxide spin labels
D. Marsh
p. 265 [full text - pdf 414 kB]

Fourier-transform-EPR and low-frequency-EPR studies of nitroxides
M. K. Bowman, T. J. Michalski, M. Peric and H. J. Halpern
p. 271 [full text - pdf 373 kB]

Electron spin-echo modulation studies of ionic and nonionic micelle structure via stearic acid nitroxide probes
L. Kevan and P. Baglioni
p. 275 [full text - pdf 414 kB]

The use of nitroxides in the solution of some problems of chemical biophysics
G. I. Likhtenstein
p. 281 [full text - pdf 496 kB]

The quest for a predictive design of anticancer drugs
G. Sosnovsky
p. 289 [full text - pdf 408 kB]

In vivo detection of free radical metabolites
C. H. Kennedy, K. R. Maples and R. P. Mason
p. 295 [full text - pdf 440 kB]

Spin trapping studies of photochemical reactions
C. F. Chignell
p. 301 [full text - pdf 313 kB]

Formation of free radicals in food constituents by g-irradiation
A. R. Forrester and D. B. McKay
p. 307 [full text - pdf 209 kB]

Some problems of nitroxyl chemistry
E. G. Rozantsev
p. 311 [full text - pdf 358 kB]

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Mass spectrometric determination of pesticide residues (IUPAC reports on pesticides no. 25)
Commission on Agrochemicals
P. T. Holland
p. 317 [full text - pdf 1496 kB]

The prediction of pesticide residues in crops by the optimum use of existing data (IUPAC reports on pesticides no. 26)
Commission on Agrochemicals
J. A. R. Bates
p. 337 [full text - pdf 769 kB]

The role and limitations of microorganisms, in the conversion of xenobiotics (IUPAC reports on pesticides no. 27)
Commission on Agrochemicals
L. A. Golovleva, N. Aharonson, R. Greenhalgh, N. Sethunathian and J. W. Vonk
p. 351 [full text - pdf 1071 kB]

Training in clinical laboratory management (Guidelines 1988)
Commission on Teaching of Clinical Chemistry
N. De Cediel, C. G. Fraser, A. Deom, L. Josefsson, H. G. J. Worth and O. Zinder
p. 365 [full text - pdf 630 kB]

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