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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 59, No. 11 (1987)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 59, Issue 11

Thirteenth International Carbohydrate Symposium

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Thirteenth International Carbohydrate Symposium, Ithaca, NY, USA, 10-15 August 1986

International Carbohydrate Award
p. iv [full text - pdf 23 kB]

Carbohydrate-protein interactions: substrate specificity of enzymes used in the degradation of oligosaccharides related to starch and cellulose
K. Bock
p. 1447 [full text - pdf 242 kB]

Basic monosaccharide derivatives: tools for exploring the active site of glycohydrolases and for studies in glycoprotein biosynthesis
G. Legler
p. 1457 [full text - pdf 170 kB]

Site-directed processing of N-linked oligosaccharides: the role of three-dimensional structure
J. P. Carver and D. A. Cumming
p. 1465 [full text - pdf 367 kB]

Glycolipids as attachment sites on animal cells for bacteria, bacterial toxins and viruses: aspects on identification and characteristics
K.-A. Karlsson
p. 1477 [full text - pdf 289 kB]

From carbohydrates to cloning: regulation of gene expression
D. M. Carlson
p. 1489 [full text - pdf 168 kB]

Biochemistry and genetics of carbohydrate utilization by industrial yeast strains
G. G. Stewart and I. Russell
p. 1493 [full text - pdf 194 kB]

Immobilized enzymes in preparative carbohydrate chemistry
S. David and C. Auge
p. 1501 [full text - pdf 285 kB]

Synthetic ventures in pseudo-sugar chemistry
T. Suami
p. 1509 [full text - pdf 324 kB]

Topics in carbohydrate stereochemistry
S. J. Angyal
p. 1521 [full text - pdf 175 kB]

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Nomenclature of polyanions (Recommendations 1987)
Commission on Nomenclature of Inorganic Chemistry
Y. Jeannin and M. Fournier
p. 1529 [full text - pdf 559 kB]

Reference value standards and primary standards for pH measurements in organic solvents and water + organic solvent mixtures of moderate to high permittivities
Commission on Electroanalytical Chemistry
S. Rondinini, P. R. Mussini and T. Mussini
p. 1549 [full text - pdf 357 kB]

Determination of 'hexane' residues in oils: results of a collaborative study and the standardised method
Commission on Oils, Fats, and Derivatives
A. Hautfenne, W. D. Pocklington and J. P. Wolff
p. 1561 [full text - pdf 390 kB]

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