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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 59, No. 9 (1987)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 59, Issue 9

Eighth International Symposium on Solute-Solute-Solvent Interactions

Addendum: Section lectures from 10th International Conference on Nonaqueous Solutions

Eighth International Symposium on Solute-Solute-Solvent Interactions, Regensburg, FRG, 9-14 August 1987

New aspects of the theory of ionic solvation and ion-ion interactions in solution
H. L. Friedman
p. 1063 [full text - pdf 739 kB]

Molecular dynamics computer simulations of solvation in hydrogen bonded systems
P. Bopp
p. 1071 [full text - pdf 715 kB]

Transport properties and their coupling with ion aggregate formation
P. Turq, L. Orcil, J. P. Simonin and J. Barthel
p. 1083 [full text - pdf 173 kB]

Thermodynamics of ion hydration and its interpretation in terms of a common model
Y. Marcus
p. 1093 [full text - pdf 371 kB]

Hydrogen bonds and EDA bonds formed by ions
P. L. Huyskens
p. 1103 [full text - pdf 359 kB]

Thermodynamic, spectroscopic and phase equilibrium investigations on polar fluid mixtures at high pressures
G. M. Schneider, J. Ellert, U. Haarhaus, I. F. Holscher, G. Katzenski-Ohling, A. Kopner, J. Kulka, D. Nickel, J. Rubesamen and A. Wilsch
p. 1115 [full text - pdf 373 kB]

Use of vibrational spectroscopy to examine species in solution: ion-pairing and metal-ligand complexation in liquid ammonia
J. B. Gill
p. 1127 [full text - pdf 619 kB]

Structural studies on solvation and complexation of metal ions in nonaqueous solutions
H. Ohtaki
p. 1143 [full text - pdf 382 kB]

Spectroscopic investigations of molten salt systems. Theory and experiment
S. V. Volkov
p. 1151 [full text - pdf 1694 kB]

Ion-solvent effects and high energy batteries
M. Salomon
p. 1165 [full text - pdf 445 kB]

Semiconductor materials for liquid electrolyte solar cells
B. Scrosati
p. 1173 [full text - pdf 271 kB]

Some recent developments in process simulation for reactive chemical systems
C.-C. Chen
p. 1177 [full text - pdf 273 kB]

Physical chemistry of small carbohydrates - equilibrium solution properties
F. Franks
p. 1189 [full text - pdf 362 kB]

Addendum: Section lectures from 10th International Conference on Nonaqueous Solutions (Leuven, Belgium, 17-21 August 1986) not published in Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 58, No. 8, August 1986

Modern aspects of thermodynamics and structure of nonaqueous solutions
G. A. Krestov
p. 1203 [full text - pdf 374 kB]

Water in nonaqueous solvents
W. A. P. Luck
p. 1215 [full text - pdf 426 kB]

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