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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 59, No. 3 (1987)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 59, Issue 3

15th International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products

15th International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, Hague, the Netherlands, 17-22 August 1986

Plenary lectures

Enzymic lipoxygenation of arachidonic acid: mechanism, inhibition, and role in eicosanoid biosynthesis
E. J. Corey
p. 269 [full text - pdf 319 kB]

Crystallographic studies of the b-lactamases from B. cereus
D. C. Phillips, A. Cordero-Borboa, B. J. Sutton and R. J. Todd
p. 279 [full text - pdf 266 kB]

Use of rationally designed inhibitors to study sterol and triterpenoid biosynthesis
M. Taton, P. Benveniste and A. Rahier
p. 287 [full text - pdf 195 kB]

Bacterial organomercury lyase: a protonolytic detoxification catalyst
C. Walsh, T. Begley, and A. Walts
p. 295 [full text - pdf 109 kB]

Progress in natural product chemistry by the chiron and related approaches - synthesis of avermectin B1a
S. Hanessian, A. Ugolini, P. J. Hodges, P. Beaulieu, D. Dube and C. Andre
p. 299 [full text - pdf 459 kB]

Structure, design, and synthesis of immunoactive peptides
V. T. Ivanov, T. M. Andronova, M. V. Bezrukov, V. A. Rar, E. A. Makarov, S. A. Kozmin, M. V. Astapova, T. I. Barkova and V. A. Nesmeyanov
p. 317 [full text - pdf 194 kB]

Developments in the chemical synthesis of naturally occurring DNA and RNA sequences with normal and unusual linkages
K. K. Ogilvie, M. J. Damha, N. Usman and R. T. Pon
p. 325 [full text - pdf 183 kB]

Synthesis and analysis of (poly)peptides
J. W. van Nispen
p. 331 [full text - pdf 402 kB]

Iterative butenolide construction of polypropionate chains. Application to an efficient synthesis of (+)(9S)-dihydroerythronolide A
G. Stork and S. D. Rychnovsky
p. 345 [full text - pdf 141 kB]

Synthesis of natural products using chiral glycol precursors
S. Takano
p. 353 [full text - pdf 267 kB]

Vitamin B12-mediated electrochemical reactions in the synthesis of natural products
R. Scheffold, S. Abrecht, R. Orlinski, H.-R. Ruf, P. Stamouli, O. Tinembart, L. Walder and C. Weymuth
p. 363 [full text - pdf 236 kB]

Section lectures
Section A: Structure, chemistry and synthesis of natural products

Stereoselective synthesis of b,g-unsaturated amino acids
C. Angst
p. 373 [full text - pdf 208 kB]

Generation and trapping of a-oxa and oxo o-quinodimethanes for natural product synthesis
S. V. Kessar
p. 381 [full text - pdf 133 kB]

A synthesis of moenocinol from isoprenoid precursors
P. Welzel, D. Bottger, U. Heinz, A. Hadi Said, A. Fischer and E. Adams
p. 385 [full text - pdf 366 kB]

Synthesis and uses of azetidiniminium salts
L. Ghosez, S. Bogdan, M. Ceresiat, C. Frydrych, J. Marchand-Brynaert, M. M. Portuguez and I. Huber
p. 393 [full text - pdf 139 kB]

Synthetic studies on a stereochemically complex natural product: designs for the total synthesis of (-)-tetrodotoxin
M. Isobe, T. Nishikawa, N. Fukami and T. Goto
p. 399 [full text - pdf 214 kB]

Section B: Organic chemistry as a life science

Interaction of polyamines, their protonated salts and metal complexes with nucleic acid fragments
M. D. Bratek-Wiewiorowska, M. Alejska, M. Figlerowicz, J. Barciszewski, M. Wiewiorowski, M. Jaskolski, W. Zielenkiewicz, A. Zielenkiewicz and M. Kaminski
p. 407 [full text - pdf 238 kB]

De novo synthesis of carbohydrates and related natural products
R. R. Schmidt
p. 415 [full text - pdf 213 kB]

Switch-functionalized systems in biomimetic chemistry
S. Shinkai
p. 425 [full text - pdf 173 kB]

Protein crystallography, computer graphics and drug design
W. G. J. Hol
p. 431 [full text - pdf 171 kB]

Section C: Biopolymers and their components

Chemoenzymatic synthesis of a gene for the interleukin-2 receptor
J. W. Engels, W. Becker, T. Beckers, D. Husken and W. Wetekam
p. 437 [full text - pdf 215 kB]

Recent advances in the study of the binding site of heparin to antithrombin
P. Sinay
p. 445 [full text - pdf 96 kB]

P. Lefrancier and E. Lederer
p. 449 [full text - pdf 289 kB]

Mini-symposium: Chemistry and development of new generations of b-lactams

Modification of natural products to improve their biological properties
R. N. Guthikonda, L. D. Cama, M. Quesada, M. F. Woods, T. N. Salzmann and B. G. Christensen
p. 455 [full text - pdf 108 kB]

Structure-activity relationships of cephem analogs
M. Narisada
p. 459 [full text - pdf 141 kB]

Penems: some recent advances
G. Franceschi, M. Alpegiani, C. Battistini, A. Bedeschi, E. Perrone and F. Zarini
p. 467 [full text - pdf 212 kB]

Discovery and development of new b-lactam antibiotics
A. G. Brown
p. 475 [full text - pdf 227 kB]

Chiral control of the Staudinger reaction
R. D. G. Cooper, B. W. Daugherty and D. B. Boyd
p. 485 [full text - pdf 267 kB]

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