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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 57, No. 9 (1985)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 57, Issue 9

Seventh International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry

Seventh International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 1-5 July 1985

Plasma spraying and extractive metallurgy: comparisons between mathematical modelling and measurements and between application and development
P. Fauchais, A. and M. Vardelle, J. F. Coudert and B. Pateyron
p. 1171 [full text - pdf 173 kB]

Heat and momentum transfer to particles in thermal plasma flows
E. Pfender
p. 1179 [full text - pdf 288 kB]

Progress in thermal plasma deposition of alloys and ceramic fine particles
K. Akashi
p. 1197 [full text - pdf 248 kB]

Progress in the applications of plasma surface modifications and correlations with the chemical properties of the plasma phase
J. Amouroux, A. Gicquel, S. Cavvadias, D. Morvan and F. Arefi
p. 1207 [full text - pdf 406 kB]

Basic ion reactions and kinetics in plasmas
W. Lindinger
p. 1223 [full text - pdf 198 kB]

Dissociation of molecules in plasma and gas: the energy
A. V. Eletskii and B. M. Smirnov
p. 1235 [full text - pdf 957 kB]

Basic mechanisms of energetic molecule ejection from surfaces
K. J. Snowdon and W. Heiland
p. 1245 [full text - pdf 213 kB]

Elementary processes in plasma-surface interactions with emphasis on ions
P. C. Zalm
p. 1253 [full text - pdf 270 kB]

Optical diagnostics of low pressure plasmas
R. W. Dreyfus, J. M. Jasinski, R. E. Walkup and G. S. Selwyn
p. 1265 [full text - pdf 199 kB]

Applications of plasma polymerization
S. Morita and S. Hattori
p. 1277 [full text - pdf 345 kB]

Mechanism of etching, polymerization and deposition in R.F. (radio frequency) discharges
R. d'Agostino, P. Capezzuto, G. Bruno and F. Cramarossa
p. 1287 [full text - pdf 211 kB]

Review of plasma deposition applications: preparation of optical waveguides
P. Bachmann
p. 1299 [full text - pdf 346 kB]

On the plasmaphysics of plasma-etching
T. J. Bisschops and F. J. de Hoog
p. 1311 [full text - pdf 228 kB]

The inductively coupled R.F. (radio frequency) plasma
M. I. Boulos
p. 1321 [full text - pdf 721 kB]

The corona discharge, its properties and specific uses
M. Goldman, A. Goldman and R. S. Sigmond
p. 1353 [full text - pdf 215 kB]

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