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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 56, No. 12 (1984)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 56, Issue 12

10th International Symposium on the Reactivity of Solids

7th International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry

10th International Symposium on the Reactivity of Solids, Dijon, France, 27 August - 1 September 1984

The reactivity of solids yesterday and today
J. Benard
p. 1659 [full text - pdf 82 kB]

The role of surfaces in the reactivity of solids
J. Haber
p. 1663 [full text - pdf 993 kB]

Interfacial adsorption and reactivity of materials
E. D. Hondros
p. 1677 [full text - pdf 717 kB]

Synthesis of metastable bulk and epitaxial phases
R. Kern
p. 1697 [full text - pdf 124 kB]

The chemistry of ceramic grain boundaries
W. D. Kingery
p. 1703 [full text - pdf 277 kB]

In situ studies of the high temperature oxidation of metals and alloys
R. A. Rapp
p. 1715 [full text - pdf 363 kB]

Ordering induced by chemical, thermal and mechanical constraints at solid interfaces
A. Sanfeld
p. 1727 [full text - pdf 211 kB]

Electron/ion-transfer reactions of solids with different lattice dimensionality
R. Schollhorn
p. 1739 [full text - pdf 284 kB]

7th International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry, University of Auckland, New Zealand, 20-24 August 1984

Hyperconjugation: intermediates and transition states in replacement and elimination
P. B. D. de la Mare
p. 1755 [full text - pdf 201 kB]

Kinetic studies of some free radical reactions
K. U. Ingold
p. 1767 [full text - pdf 282 kB]

Some quantitative effects of strain on reactivity
C. J. M. Stirling
p. 1781 [full text - pdf 682 kB]

Solvent molecules and carbocation intermediates in solvolyses
K. Okamoto
p. 1797 [full text - pdf 320 kB]

Dynamics and reaction mechanisms of organic ions in the gas phase
A. T. Barfknecht, J. A. Dodd, K. E. Salomon, W. Tumas and J. I. Brauman
p. 1809 [full text - pdf 201 kB]

Disubstituted carbenium ions as reactive intermediates in organic chemistry
M. Hanack
p. 1819 [full text - pdf 279 kB]

A theoretical approach to gas-phase ion chemistry
L. Radom, W. J. Bouma, R. H. Nobes and B. F. Yates
p. 1831 [full text - pdf 209 kB]

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