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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 56, No. 11 (1984)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 56, Issue 11

4th International Conference on High Temperature and Energy-related Materials

23rd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry

4th International Conference on High Temperature and Energy-related Materials, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 2-6 April 1984

p. iv [full text - pdf 67 kB]

Phase equilibria and thermodynamics: measurements
K. L. Komarek and H. Ipser
p. 1511 [full text - pdf 410 kB]

New materials from high temperature synthesis
J. D. Corbett
p. 1527 [full text - pdf 483 kB]

Materials for nuclear energy
M. H. Rand
p. 1545 [full text - pdf 258 kB]

Laser diagnostics of materials and chemistry
A. Hartford, Jr.
p. 1555 [full text - pdf 393 kB]

Vaporization processes far from equilibrium at high temperatures
J. Drowart
p. 1569 [full text - pdf 224 kB]

Materials challenges in electrochemical energy storage systems
W. L. Worrell
p. 1577 [full text - pdf 153 kB]

New techniques and opportunities in high temperature mass spectrometry
J. W. Hastie
p. 1583 [full text - pdf 438 kB]

23rd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA, 29 July-3 August 1984

Encapsulated metal ions
A. M. Sargeson
p. 1603 [full text - pdf 326 kB]

Chemistry of square planar organometallic complexes of the nickel group relevant to catalysis
A. Yamamoto, T. Yamamoto, S. Komiya and F. Ozawa
p. 1621 [full text - pdf 321 kB]

Structure and reactivity of some transition metal complexes
G. Wilke
p. 1635 [full text - pdf 241 kB]

Mononuclear active sites of molybdoenzymes: chemical approaches to structure and reactivity
R. H. Holm and J. M. Berg
p. 1645 [full text - pdf 333 kB]

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