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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 53, No. 8 (1981)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 53, Issue 8

7th Discussion Conference on Macromolecules: Polymer Networks

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

7th Discussion Conference on Macromolecules: Polymer Networks, Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia, 15-19 September 1980

Scrutiny of the critical exponent paradigm, as exemplified by gelation
M. Gordon and J. A. Torkington
p. 1461 [full text - pdf 566 kB]

Can percolation theory be applied to critical phenomena at gel points?
D. Stauffer
p. 1479 [full text - pdf 239 kB]

Mechanical properties near gelation threshold, comparison with classical and 3d percolation theories
M. Adam, M. Delsanti, D. Durand, G. Hild and J. P. Munch
p. 1489 [full text - pdf 142 kB]

Elastic properties of model polymer networks
J. E. Mark
p. 1495 [full text - pdf 241 kB]

Modulus of three and four functional poly(dimethylsiloxane) networks
C. W. Macosko and G. S. Benjamin
p. 1505 [full text - pdf 308 kB]

Characterization of special inhomogeneities in polymer networks by their properties in the pre-gel state
W. Burchard, S. Bantle, M. Muller and A. Reiner
p. 1519 [full text - pdf 293 kB]

Theoretical models and model theories of microbrownian motion in polymer networks
Yu. Ya. Gotlib
p. 1531 [full text - pdf 1137 kB]

Mechanism of network formation by radical copolymerization
G. Hild and P. Rempp
p. 1541 [full text - pdf 317 kB]

Advances in interpenetrating polymer networks
H. L. Frisch, K. C. Frisch and D. Klempner
p. 1557 [full text - pdf 446 kB]

Some peculiarities of the behaviour of highly crosslinked epoxy-amine networks in the glassy state
E. F. Oleinik
p. 1567 [full text - pdf 1617 kB]

Molecular origin of constants in the theory of rubber-like elasticity considering network chains steric interaction
L. S. Priss
p. 1581 [full text - pdf 1583 kB]

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Nomenclature for thermal analysis - IV (Provisional)
Commission on Analytical Nomenclature
p. 1597 [full text - pdf 127 kB]

Physicochemical quantities and units in clinical chemistry with special emphasis on activities and activity coefficients (Provisional)
Commission on Quantities and Units in Clinical Chemistry
O. Siggaard-Andersen, R. A. Durst and A. H. J. Maas
p. 1605 [full text - pdf 1009 kB]

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