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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 53, No. 7 (1981)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 53, Issue 7

Seventh International Conference on Non-Aqueous Solutions

Seventh International Conference on Non-Aqueous Solutions, Regensburg, FRG, 11-15 August 1980

J. Barthel and R. L. Kay
p. i [full text - pdf 29 kB]

Aspects of structure in ionic solutions
H. L. Friedman
p. 1277 [full text - pdf 318 kB]

Ion pairs as a theoretical limit case concept at high dilution for equilibrium and transport excess properties
J.-C. Justice, M.-C. Justice and C. Micheletti
p. 1291 [full text - pdf 236 kB]

Properties of dilute electrolyte solutions from calorimetric measurements
R. Wachter and K. Riederer
p. 1301 [full text - pdf 267 kB]

Computer assisted modelling of reactions and reactivity
J.-E. Dubois
p. 1313 [full text - pdf 339 kB]

Excess electrons in nonaqueous solvents
U. Schindewolf
p. 1329 [full text - pdf 352 kB]

Cooperative effect of dp-electron delocalization in, and H...p type interaction of transition metal complexes with protic solvents
W. Libus
p. 1345 [full text - pdf 1454 kB]

X-ray diffraction studies on the structures of cadmium iodide complexes in water and in DMSO solutions
H. Ohtaki and G. Johansson
p. 1357 [full text - pdf 207 kB]

Solute-solute interactions in liquid ammonia solutions: a vibrational spectroscopic view
J. B. Gill
p. 1365 [full text - pdf 438 kB]

Properties of non-aqueous electrolyte solutions in the microwave and far infrared region
J.-P. Badiali, H. Cachet and J.-C. Lestrade
p. 1383 [full text - pdf 363 kB]

Special aspects of fluid solutions at high pressures and sub- and supercritical temperatures
E. U. Franck
p. 1401 [full text - pdf 382 kB]

Properties of amphiphilic electrolytes in nonpolar solvents
H.-F. Eicke
p. 1417 [full text - pdf 148 kB]

Chemical equilibrium in molten salt solutions
Y. K. Delimarsky
p. 1425 [full text - pdf 743 kB]

Solvation of ions. Applications to minerals and energy
A. J. Parker
p. 1437 [full text - pdf 203 kB]

Non-statistical approach to solutions
V. Gutmann and G. Resch
p. 1447 [full text - pdf 481 kB]

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