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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 53, No. 3 (1981)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 53, Issue 3

International Symposium on Polymerization Mechanisms

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

International Symposium on Polymerization Mechanisms, Liverpool, UK, 3-5 September 1980

Professor Bamford's contribution to polymer science and its significance
G. J. Smets
p. 611 [full text - pdf 436 kB]

Free radical polymerization kinetics - revisited
K. F. O'Driscoll
p. 617 [full text - pdf 250 kB]

Template polymerization
G. Challa and Y. Y. Tan
p. 627 [full text - pdf 418 kB]

Auto-acceleration in free radical polymerizations caused by oriented monomer-polymer association complexes
A. Chapiro
p. 643 [full text - pdf 309 kB]

Multicomponent polymers synthesized by free-radical processes
G. C. Eastmond
p. 657 [full text - pdf 467 kB]

Radiation induced ionic polymerization and grafting of vinyl monomers
V. T. Stannett
p. 673 [full text - pdf 225 kB]

Alternating copolymerization of vinyl compounds in the presence of organometal halides
M. Hirooka
p. 681 [full text - pdf 272 kB]

Spontaneous copolymerization of P(III) compounds via Zwitterion intermediates - redox copolymerization and deoxy polymerization
T. Saegusa
p. 691 [full text - pdf 182 kB]

a-amino acid N-carboxyanhydride polymerizations - a mechanistic analysis
M. Goodman and E. Peggion
p. 699 [full text - pdf 402 kB]

Polymerization of a-amino acid N-carboxyanhydride in the presence of preformed poly(a-amino acid) - from chain effect to stereoselective polymerization
Y. Imanishi
p. 715 [full text - pdf 377 kB]

Concluding remarks
G. Allen
p. 729 [full text - pdf 91 kB]

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Stereochemical definitions and notations relating to polymers
Commission on Macromolecular Nomenclature
p. 733 [full text - pdf 524 kB]

Symbolism and terminology in chemical kinetics (Provisional)
Subcommittee on Chemical Kinetics
p. 753 [full text - pdf 406 kB]

IUPAC reference method for analysis of nickel in serum and urine by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry
Commission on Toxicology
p. 773 [full text - pdf 237 kB]

Standard methods for the analysis of oils, fats and derivatives, 6th Edition. 1st Supplement: Part 3 (1981) Section II, Oils and Fats
Commission on Oils, Fats and Derivatives
p. 783 [full text - pdf 559 kB]

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