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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 52, No. 6 (1980)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 52, Issue 6

International Symposium on Aromaticity

International Symposium on Aromaticity, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Yugoslavia, 3-5 September 1979

A. Graovac and N. Trinajstic
p. 1397 [full text - pdf 15 kB]

Aromaticity of non-alternant annulenoannulenes and of corannulenes
I. Agranat, B. A. Hess, Jr. and L. J. Schaad
p. 1399 [full text - pdf 178 kB]

Is aromaticity outmoded?
A. T. Balaban
p. 1409 [full text - pdf 1789 kB]

Aspects of cyclic conjugation
M. J. S. Dewar and M. L. McKee
p. 1431 [full text - pdf 430 kB]

Aromatic inorganic rings
B. M. Gimarc and N. Trinajstic
p. 1443 [full text - pdf 526 kB]

Perturbation-graph theory III. Resonance energies from photoelectron spectra
W. C. Herndon
p. 1459 [full text - pdf 384 kB]

The aromaticity of ions and radicals
B. A. Hess, Jr. and L. J. Schaad
p. 1471 [full text - pdf 527 kB]

Topological resonance energy approach to homoaromaticity
P. Ilic and N. Trinajstic
p. 1495 [full text - pdf 353 kB]

Photoelectron spectra of conjugated molecules
L. Klasinc
p. 1509 [full text - pdf 386 kB]

Aromatic stability of polycyclic compounds
J. Kruszewski
p. 1525 [full text - pdf 692 kB]

Some comments on the use of the "ring-current" concept in diagnosing and defining "aromaticity"
R. B. Mallion
p. 1541 [full text - pdf 378 kB]

Electronic structure of aromatic p-electron systems as reflected in their MCD spectra
J. Michl
p. 1549 [full text - pdf 615 kB]

Strange aromatic molecules
G. Naray-Szabo
p. 1565 [full text - pdf 261 kB]

Novel aromatic cations and anions: aromaticity-structure relationships
M. Rabinovitz and I. Willner
p. 1575 [full text - pdf 786 kB]

Local aromatic properties of benzenoid hydrocarbons
M. Randic
p. 1587 [full text - pdf 408 kB]

Aromatic and non-aromatic bridged annulenes
M. Simonetta
p. 1597 [full text - pdf 567 kB]

Structure and reactivity correlation of bicyclic 10-p electron systems with bridgehead nitrogen
M. Tisler
p. 1611 [full text - pdf 297 kB]

4n-p electron antiaromatic heterocycles
M. Torres, E. M. Lown, H. E. Gunning and O. P. Strausz
p. 1623 [full text - pdf 582 kB]

Physical, chemical, and some biological properties of strained ring hydrocarbons
K. P. C. Vollhardt
p. 1645 [full text - pdf 807 kB]

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