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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 52, No. 5 (1980)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 52, Issue 5

Third International Conference on Surface and Colloid Science

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

Third International Conference on Surface and Colloid Science, Stockholm, Sweden, 20-25 August 1979

The Rule of Schulze and Hardy
J. T. G. Overbeek
p. 1151 [full text - pdf 292 kB]

Structural and thermodynamic peculiarities of the boundary layers of liquids
B. V. Derjaguin
p. 1163 [full text - pdf 1206 kB]

Colloid chemical aspects of corrosion of metals
E. Matijevic
p. 1179 [full text - pdf 508 kB]

Conceptual progress in surfactant solutions
K. Shinoda
p. 1195 [full text - pdf 339 kB]

Colloidal behaviour of materials with ionizable group surfaces
T. W. Healy, D. Chan and L. R. White
p. 1207 [full text - pdf 318 kB]

Colloid stability as a dynamic phenomenon
J. Lyklema
p. 1221 [full text - pdf 233 kB]

The adsorption of N-alkanes into bimolecular lipid layers: theory and experiment
D. W. R. Gruen and D. A. Haydon
p. 1229 [full text - pdf 447 kB]

Effect of surface mobility on the dynamic behavior of thin liquid films
I. B. Ivanov
p. 1241 [full text - pdf 757 kB]

Well-characterized monodisperse polystyrene latexes as model colloids
J. W. Vanderhoff
p. 1263 [full text - pdf 253 kB]

Synthesis, properties and biomedical applications of hydrophilic, functional, polymeric immunomicrospheres
A. Rembaum
p. 1275 [full text - pdf 103 kB]

Some thermodynamic aspects of wetting and adhesion
D. H. Everett
p. 1279 [full text - pdf 395 kB]

Interfacial chemistry and adhesion: recent developments and prospects
K. L. Mittal
p. 1295 [full text - pdf 366 kB]

Some aspects on the hydration of surfactant micelles
B. Lindman, H. Wennerstrom, H. Gustavsson, N. Kamenka and B. Brun
p. 1307 [full text - pdf 299 kB]

Solubilization in micellar systems
P. Mukerjee
p. 1317 [full text - pdf 174 kB]

Research on enhanced oil recovery: past, present and future
J. J. Taber
p. 1323 [full text - pdf 831 kB]

Aggregation in surfactant solutions: formation and properties of micelles and microemulsions
H.-F. Eicke
p. 1349 [full text - pdf 205 kB]

IUPAC Recommendations on Nomenclature and Symbols and Technical Reports from Commissions

A collaborative study on the melt rheology of a styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymer
Commission of Polymer Characterization and Properties
p. 1359 [full text - pdf 621 kB]

Electrochemical characteristics of trifluoromethanesulphonic acid and its salts in nonaqueous solvents
Commission on Electroanalytical Chemistry
p. 1387 [full text - pdf 298 kB]

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