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 Pure Appl. Chem. Vol. 49, No. 7 (1977)

Pure and Applied Chemistry

Vol. 49, Issue 7

Sixteenth Microsymposium on Macromolecules (Advances in Scattering Methods)

Third IUPAC Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry

Sixteenth Microsymposium on Macromolecules (Advances in Scattering Methods), Prague, 12-16 July 1976

Density fluctuations in amorphous and semicrystalline polymers
W. Ruland
p. 905 [full text - pdf 224 kB]

Recent studies of light scattering from polymer films
R. S. Stein, A. Misra, T. Yuasa and F. Khambatta
p. 915 [full text - pdf 350 kB]

Recent trends in classical light scattering from polymer solutions
M. B. Huglin
p. 929 [full text - pdf 594 kB]

Advances in methods of light-scattering spectroscopy
B. Chu
p. 941 [full text - pdf 1659 kB]

Third IUPAC Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry, Montpellier, France, 6-10 September 1976

Equilibrium acidities of carbon acids
F. G. Bordwell
p. 963 [full text - pdf 466 kB]

Micellar catalysis and inhibition
C. A. Bunton
p. 969 [full text - pdf 814 kB]

Quantum chemical studies of CO, CS and related double bonds
W. Kutzelnigg
p. 981 [full text - pdf 1126 kB]

Some mechanistic studies on the hydrolysis of acetals and hemiacetals
B. Capon
p. 1001 [full text - pdf 542 kB]

Mechanisms and catalysis in vinyl ester hydrolysis
E. K. Euranto
p. 1009 [full text - pdf 1114 kB]

General acid-base catalysis of carbonyl and acyl group reactions
W. P. Jencks and H. F. Gilbert
p. 1021 [full text - pdf 439 kB]

Strain energy modeling of simple and crowded aliphatic ketones: spectroscopic properties
J.-E. Dubois
p. 1029 [full text - pdf 805 kB]

Stereochemistry of dissolving metal reduction of ketones
A. Rassat
p. 1049 [full text - pdf 357 kB]

The hydrolysis of phosphate esters
F. H. Westheimer
p. 1059 [full text - pdf 711 kB]

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