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Chemistry International
Vol. 24, No. 5
September 2002



The "Orange Book" Online

Conceived a couple of years ago, the Web edition of the IUPAC Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature–the "Orange Book"–has now been completed. Its purpose is to ease access to and extend the influence of the extensive information contained in its recommendations. The work involved extensive proofreading of the electronic files and editing them to correspond in detail to the printed version, or to the earlier Pure and Applied Chemistry publications when there were conflicts. This work involved all members of the Analytical Chemistry Division Committee and others.

The Officers of the Analytical Chemistry Division during 2000-2002 (F. Ingman, D. S. Moore, K. Powell, and R. Lobinski) are extremely grateful for the help provided by the ACD Committee members and the staff of the Secretariat, and to C. Townsend for hyperlinking the index.

The home page for the web edition is in frames, with the left hand frame serving as a shorthand table of contents. Clicking on a chapter loads its table of contents into the main frame. The sections of each chapter are linked to Adobe PDF files of that particular section. These can then be searched and/or printed, as desired. The margins were chosen so that they would print on either US Letter or A4 paper. The Index is presented as alphabetical sections, and each term is hyperlinked to the pdf file of the appropriate section of the book. Some book sections are quite long, so that a simple search on the term after downloading the pdf should quickly yield the appropriate location.



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