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Chemistry International
Vol. 24, No. 5
September 2002



Chemical Education International

A couple of years ago, the International Newsletter on Chemical Education (INCE) was transformed into an electronic medium, designed as its paper parent to be accessible to the majority of the worldwide community of teaching chemists. Now known as Chemical Education International (CEI), the newsletter of the Committee on Chemistry Education (CCE) only appears on the Internet and offers a variety of articles, including the following:

  1. Reports on activities of CCE and its members, such as projects
  2. News and reports on events held or supported by IUPAC and related organizations, such as ICCE, CHEMRAWN, etc.
  3. News and reports written or communicated by a CCE member on chemical education in member countries of international interest
  4. General articles on chemical education written or recommended by a CCE member that meet the international interest of readers, such as "Interview with Nobel Laureate," facts and figures, opinions, and essays

As the work of CCE transcends the subdisciplines of chemistry and international borders, the current Committee continues to be interested in, and supportive of, a variety of devices–conferences, reports, newsletters, etc.–for the dissemination of its efforts and the efforts of others interested in chemical education. While modernizing the creation, production, and distribution of the CCE newsletter by making it a online publication, the Committee still does recognize that a cohort of teaching chemists exist in areas of the world that currently are not served by the Internet. Incidentally, these areas were also difficult to reach with the original printed INCE; however, it is hoped that access to the Internet will continue to expand, making this new electronic newsletter more widely accessible.

The intended readership includes mostly schoolteachers and professors interested in chemical education, and, most recently, students. A series of interviews with Nobel laureates in chemistry is specially targeted at this new group of readers. The recently released third interview in that series is with professor Shirakawa. Interviews with professors Rowland and Kroto appeared in previous issues. Other articles in the current issue include a review by A. F. M. Fahmy and J. J. Lagowski of the "Systemic Approach to Teaching and Learning Chemistry in Egypt" and a report by Y. Takeuchi on the status of science education in Japan.

The chief editor, Masato M. Ito, intends to use, as before, the voluntary efforts of CCE members who should have easy access to national information and who could benefit from a broader and international dissemination. Ito also invites relevant opinions and essays from all sources. E-mail: <>


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