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Number: 2001-087-1-021 (previous 021/19/98)

Title: CHEMRAWN XIII - Chemistry for Cleaner Energy

Coordinator(s): F. A. Kuznetsov and Swaminathan Sivaram

Demand for energy is growing significantly in developing countries. Increasing population, industrialization, consumer demand and life style changes are propelling energy consumptions at a phenomenal rate. There are several sources of energy, renewable and non renewable, each associated with its own advantages and disadvantages. The issues are availability, sustainability, economics and environmental impact of energy production, transportation and consumption.

In developing nations, several large investment in energy production are being made. These include investments in liquid, natural gas, compressed natural gas, liquid petroleum products, liquid petroleum gas, coal bed methanation, gas hydrates, nuclear energy, solar, wind, hydroelectric and energy based on electrochemical fuel cells. Issues related to transportation, large plants with system of grid based distribution and small plants with localized distribution etc. are under active debate.

One of the major issues confronting energy production, transportation and use is that related to their environmental impact.

In a situation such as this aspects of clean energy becomes relevant. The energy must be cleaner to produce, yet sustain large demands at economical cost. Innovations in chemistry and chemical technology will drive the process towards production of cleaner energy in a sustainable manner.

It is against this backdrop that CHEMRAWN Committee approved a Conference titled CHEMISTRY FOR CLEANER ENERGY, to be held, preferably, in a developing part of the world. India has been considered as a venue for such a CHEMRAWN Conference.

Sep 2002 - The venue of the Conference will be New Delhi, India. It is proposed to organize the Conference as a sub-part of the National Petroleum Conference, (PETROTECH Series) held once in two years in India. The next Conference will be held at New Delhi in January 2005.

June 2004 - The current proposal is to reschedule the conference to a new venue in China in 2006.

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