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Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division (I)


Number: 2000-031-1-100

Title: Database on heat capacity of liquids. Update and extension

Task Group
V. Ruzicka

Members: M. Zabransky and E.S. Domalski

Completion Date: 2002 - project completed

To update and extend Monograph No.6 to Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data "Heat Capacity of Liquids: Critical Review and Recommended Values", by M. Z�bransk�, V. Ru�icka, V. Majer, and E.S. Domalski, published in 1996, that contained recommended data on liquid heat capacities for over 1600 pure, mostly organic compounds. The publication was the product of IUPAC Project 121/11/87.

New experimental data on heat capacities of pure liquid organic and some inorganic compounds will be compiled, critically evaluated and recommended values provided. The bulk of the compiled data will cover data published in the primary literature between 1993 and 1999 and some data of 2000. However, some data from older sources will be also included.
Recommended data presented in terms of parameters of correlating equations for temperature dependence of heat capacities of liquids will be developed by critical assessment of literature calorimetrically determined heat capacities. The work will be an update of a two volume monograph, that was published in 1996 as a Monograph No.6 of the Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data. The updated and extended database will contain data for about 720 compounds. Firstly, the new data entail heat capacities for about 350 compounds not included in the Monograph No.6. Secondly, new data that either extend the temperature range of recommended data for compounds already presented in the Monograph No.6 or improve the overall uncertainty of the recommended data by supplying new data that have a lower error of measurement were added for more than 320 compounds. Thirdly, references to new data for about 50 compounds are presented in a review of primary sources only as the data for such compounds do not extend or improve the previously developed recommended data. Newly published data were taken from almost 360 literature references.

Progress :
This project was presented as a poster at the 9th International Conference on Properties and Phase Equilibria for Product and Process Design, 20-25 May 2001, Kurashiki, Japan.
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Manuscript published: 'Heat Capacity of Liquids: Critical Review and Recommended Values. Supplement I', Milan Z�bransk�, Vlastimil Ruzicka, Jr., and Eugene S. Domalski, Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data, 30, No. 5, 1199-1689, 2001.

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project completed

Last update: 5 March 2002

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