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Division of Chemistry and the Environment VI


Number: 650/93/97

Title: Validation of a screening method for the detection of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food

Coordinator(s): E. Anklam and M. Miraglia

Remarks: Interaction with Commission of the European Union. Members of the Working Party: J. Gilbert, B. Popping, M. Lipp and R. Brodmann.

Completion Date: 1999 - project completed

To validate an analytical screening method for the detection of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in various food matrices. In the initial phase corn and soy bean flour will be analysed. The second phase will include other food matrices such as potatoes and tomatoes. The standard operating procedure (SOP) is available and a video on the method will be completed in October/November 1997. Collaborative study participants have been identified and informed and the test material for the initial phase is in preparation. The collaborative study network and the findings of the study will be used to develop more sensitive and specific control procedures.
The GMO subject is one of the strongest consumer concerns to-date and there is an urgent need for a screening method that has been validated in an international collaborative study. The collaborative study method is based on a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and is written in a standard format. A successful validation of the method will provide control laboratories the means to detect GMOs in foods and check compliance with labelling.

project completed - a report entitled 'IUPAC collaborative trial study of a method to detect genetically modified soy beans and maize in dried powder' is published in JAOAC International, 1999, 82(4), 923-928.

Last Update: 16 June 2000


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