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Number: 240/11/97

Title: Trace Elements in Natural Water

Series: International Measurement Evaluation Programme (IMEP-9)

Coordinator(s): J. Moody and P. Taylor

Remarks: World wide participation.

Completion Date: 2000 - Project Completed

Although there has been an earlier IMEP for natural water, this one will have samples with water at lower and therefore more challenging concentrations. The project was initiated at the request of participants in earlier IMEP water programmes and reflects an increased interest in the quality of water measurement data. The project will have more certification laboratories and possibly more certified elements than the 14 elements in IMEP-6. There are no other schemes for water measurement that cover all continents around the globe.

Project Completed
Samples used in IMEP-9 were also offered to the BIPM Consultative Committee on Amount Substance for a comparison. In this comparison, nine national measurement institutes participated. Fifteen elements were certified or assigned in the natural water using multiple certification institutes in for some elements. This participants' programme, one of the largest to date (200 participants), was completed in 1998 and a participants technical report was prepared by IRMM (I. Papadakis, et al., March 1999, EUR 18724 EN). Two other publications for the open literature have been prepared:

Contribution to the certification of B, Cd, Mg, Pb, Rb, Sr, and U in a natural water sample for the International Measurement Evaluation Programme Round 9 (IMEP-9) using ID-ICP-MS, J. Vogl, C. R. Qu�tel, M. Ostermann, I. Papadakis, L. Van Nevel, P. D. P. Taylor, Accred Qual Assur 5 (2000) 7, 272-279

Establishment of SI-traceable reference ranges for the content of various elements in the IMEP-9 water sample, I. Papadakis and P. D. P. Taylor, Accred Qual Assur 5 (2000) 8, 331-338

This project was presented at a poster session at the IUPAC Congress/GA July 2001
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The participants reaction has been to encourage another similar IMEP round for drinking water.

Last Update: 26 April 2001


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