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Division of Chemistry and the Environment (VI)


Number: 650/85/95

Title: IUPAC Electronic Bulletin Board for Mycotoxins (on World Wide Web)

Coordinator(s): C. Brera

Remarks: WHO and FAO

Completion Date: 2001 - project terminated

Establish a rapid mechanism for disseminating information and coordinating assistance for mycotoxins in human foods using international computer networks. Activities will include topics such as: meetings and workshop announcements, advances in technology and other important new scientific findings. The use of computer networks (such as the World Wide Web) for communication is exploding. While certain economic and organizational questions remain, it is not a point of debate that this form of communication will assume an increasingly important role in scientific communication throughout the world. This will include developing countries, where such communication can tremendously improve the access to technical information and assistance. The use of computer communications would reduce publications and mailing costs and significantly improve the timeliness and coverage of these communications.

The feasibility study to develop a IUPAC Mycotoxins Home Page on World Wide Web (Internet) to replace the existing Mycotoxins Working Group Newsletter was successfully completed. In 1996 there were 536 user sessions. Since then accesses dropped because no fresh information was added. The use of this medium as an information resource to literature on mycotoxins was also explored. The meeting holds the strong view that the deadline of this project should be extended for at least one year i.e. 1998.

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Project terminated 31 dec 2001

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