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Author Archiving Policy for IUPAC


At its 83rd meeting held in Madrid, Spain, 7-8 October 2006, the Bureau approved a policy that addresses the issue of the deposit of IUPAC copyrighted material in institutional archives. The new policy addresses both the need to support the open access initiatives of Universities, research institutions, and government funding agencies and the need to ensure that the integrity of IUPAC's copyrighted material is maintained.

Policy Statement:

IUPAC makes freely available the full texts of all articles published in Pure and Applied Chemistry on the IUPAC web site, <www.iupac.org/publications/pac>, for all except the current and most recently completed volumes. In addition, authors may immediately deposit copies of their own articles online, for archival and distribution purposes, but only in the form of the IUPAC published pdf version. IUPAC Technical Reports and Recommendations are freely accessible from date of publication.

Unless there is a footnote to the contrary, reproduction or translation of material from Chemistry International is encouraged, provided that it is accompanied by a reference to the original in Chemistry International.


For more information contact the IUPAC secretariat <secretariat@iupac.org>


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