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Submissions invited to establish priorities for the discovery of elements with atomic numbers greater than 111

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is now inviting submissions claiming priorities for the discovery of elements with atomic numbers greater than 111. The procedures to be followed in assigning priorities and the subsequent naming process will be the same as those used for the recently named elements darmstadtium and roentgenium with atomic numbers 110 and 111, respectively. In brief, the submissions received will be examined by a IUPAC/IUPAP Joint Working Party of experts the membership of which is approved by the Presidents of IUPAC and of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). The JWP will issue its findings in the form of a report and the successful claimants will then be invited to propose a name for any element for the discovery of which they have been given priority. The details of procedures are set out in detail in the IUPAC web:
> Naming the Elements

The submissions should contain copies of all relevant documentation to support the claim made. This documentation should be sent to the IUPAC Secretariat, PO Box 13757, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-3757, USA; Tel.: +1 919 485 8700; Fax: +1 919 485 8706; E-mail: secretariat@iupac.org

It would be most convenient if all the documentation could be sent in electronic form to facilitate its collation and redistribution to the members of the expert Joint Working Party. If at all possible therefore please send the files by e-mail and specifically as Adobe Acrobat pdf files. If it is not possible to send your submission electronically then a hard copy will be accepted. The deadline for the receipt of submissions is Wednesday February 1st 2006.

Queries and further clarification should be addressed to Professor John Corish <jcorish@tcd.ie>

Release, 25 January 2006


> see project initiated after this call for submissions, entitled: Priority claims for the discovery of elements with atomic number greater than 111 (#2006-046-1-200)

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