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2006 IUPAC Poster Prizes Recipients

In 2004, the IUPAC Poster Prizes Program was implemented following a suggestion from Past President, Leiv Sydnes. Each year since then, the program has gained popularity and recognition. In 2006, more conferences and National Adhering Organizations offered the prizes than in any previous year. Fifteen IUPAC-sponsored conferences and thirteen NAO national meetings awarded the prizes. With the increase in the prizes, more young scientists are becoming aware of IUPAC and its activities, while increasing the prestige and international visibility of the conferences and national meetings. Typically, each meeting awards two prizes, with some meetings awarding three prizes. Each prize recipient receives a certificate signed by the IUPAC president, a copy of the IUPAC Gold Book, and a two-year subscription to Chemistry International.

For more information on the IUPAC Poster Prizes, please visit: www.iupac.org/news/archives/2004/poster_prizes.html or contact the IUPAC Secretariat (secretariat@iupac.org).

2006 IUPAC Poster Prize Recipients at IUPAC-Sponsored Conferences

XXIst IUPAC Symposium of Photochemistry, 2-7 April 2006, Kyoto, Japan

Hisao Shimizu, Development of a New Class of Pyrene-Based Biomolecular Probes for DNAs and Proteins
Jong Won Chung, Combined Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approach to the Fabrication of Patterned Fluorescent Organic Nanowires in Polymer Film
Adrian O. Chapman, Single Oxygen Reactions in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and Posters Presented in the Research Twinning Program at the Bluecoat School in Nottingham

POLYCHAR-14 World Forum on Advanced Materials (Polymer Application & Theory), 17-21 April 2006, Nara City, Japan

Steven Lamoriniere, High Performance Carbon Nanotube Reinforced PEEK Nanocomposites
Kyota Miyamoto, Characterization of Surface and Interface
Structures of (Silsesquioxane-terminated
Polystyrene/Polystyrene) Blend Thin Films
Yumiko Nakano, Structure and mechanical properties of chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) blend films

16th International Conference on Organic Synthesis, 11-15 June 2006, Mérida, Yucatán, México

Deisuke Tanaka, Synthetic studies on the octasubstituted cyclopentane natural product, pactamycin
Kaitlin Beare, Towards the stereoselective synthesis of the integra-mycin cis-decalin subunit
Miles N. Tackett, Towards the total synthesis of rapamycin

41st International Symposium on Macromolecules - IUPAC World Polymer Congress: MACRO 2006, 16-21 July 2006, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ja-Hyoung Ryu, Transformation of Helical Fiber to Vesicle by Addition of Guest Molecules
Hitoshi Tanaka, unknown
Youngmin You, White Phosphorescence from Ir(III) Complexes Tethered to a Polymer Chain

ICOB-5 & ISCNP-25 - IUPAC International Conference on Biodiversity and Natural Products, 23-28 July 2006, Kyoto, Japan

Michael V. Perkins, Total Synthesis of Auripyrone A
Kazuma Murakami, Formation and Stabilization Mechanism of the b-Amyloid Radical
Ken Ohmori, Convergent Strategy to Oligocatechins based on the Flavonoid-Sugar Analogy

12th International Symposium on Solubility Phenomena and Related Equilibrium Processes, 24-29 July 2006, Freiberg, Germany

Alexander S. Lileev, Non-additivity of contributions into the dielectric constant of saturated solutions and ion-ion interactions in ternary water-salt systems
Sven Hagemann, A new simple method for the investigation of hydrogen sulfide solubilities in aqueous solutions
Georgia Wollmann, Solubilities related to substituted polyhalites

19th IUPAC Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics, 30 July - 4 August 2006, Boulder, Colorado

Martinez-Herrera Melchor, Molar standard enthalpies of combustion and formation of the fullarene C84
Lisa Ott, Solvents and weakly coordinating anions as stabilisers for transition-metal nanoclusters
Isabel Marrucho, Gas sorption in poly(lactic acid)

11th IUPAC International Congress of Pesticide Chemistry, 6-11 August 2006, Kobe, Japan

Naoya Ichimaru, Alac-acetogenins are a new class of inhibitors of mitochondrial complex
N. S. Millar, A nicotinic acetylcholine receptor point mutation conferring insecticide resistance causes reduced agonist potency to a range of neonicotinoids
Yumi Akiyama, Multiresidue analysis of 500 pesticides in agricultural products using GC/MS and LC/MS

19th International Conference of Chemical Education, 12-17 August 2006, Seoul, Korea

Yoon-Ki Kim, Analysis of Science Teachers' Views on Philosophy of Science
Marie H du Toit, Preparing Teachers for Reform - Chemistry Teacher Education: Teaching Chemistry Through Workshops for Teachers - A Report on a Successful Program
Mauro Mocerino, Preparing Teaching Assistants for First Year Chemistry Laboratories

XVIII International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry, 20-25 August 2006, Warsaw, Poland

Anna Kropidlowska, Metal Silanethiolates with Aminopyridines as Coligands - the Role of N-H…S Bond
Natasza Spruta, Dithia- and Dioxadiazuliporphyrin: Facile Generation of Carbaporphyrinoid Cation Radical and Dication
Teresa M. Duarte, Synthesis and Excited State Properties of a[60] Fullerene Derivative Bearing a Star-Shaped Multi-Photon Absorption Chromophore

18th International Conference of the Polymer Networks Group, 3-7 September 2006, Sheffield, United Kingdom


International Symposium on Radical Polymerization, 3-9 September 2006, Il Ciocco/Castelvecchiio Pascoli, Italy

Chiaki Yoshikawa, The influence of reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) agent on the dispersion polymerization of styrene
Prakash Saikia, The influence of reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) agent on the dispersion polymerization of styrene

12th International Conference on High Temperature Materials Chemistry, 18-22 September 2006, Vienna, Austria

Jiri Popovic, Thermodynamic Optimisation of the Ni-Al-W System
Yuriy Plevachuk, Density and Electrical Conductivity of Liquid Al-Fe and Al-Ni Binary Alloys
Dario Manara, The Uranium-Oxygen Phase Diagram at High Temperature: Recent Advances

Advanced Polymers for Emerging Technology, 10-13 October 2006, Busan, Korea

Young-Jun Yu, Photopatterning of Electroluminescent Polymers
Shinichi Mochizuki, Bioconjugates for Targeted Delivery
Sung-Kyoung Kim, Elastic Modulus of Composite Nanofibers

9th Annual UNESCO/IUPAC Conference on Macromolecules: Polymers for Advanced Applications, 20-23 November 2006, Stellenbosch, South Africa

H.S. Abbo, Ethylene polymerization using pyridine-pyrazolyl ligand late transition metal complexesas precursors
A. Bowes, A-B and A-B-A type butyl acrylate and styrene block copolymers via RAFT-mediated mini-emulsion polymerization
R. Fleet, RAFT mediated polysaccharide copolymers


2006 IUPAC Poster Prize Recipients at National Meetings

12-15 January 2006 - Skeikampen, Norway
Det.21 Organisk Kjemiske Vintermøte - Norwegian Chemical Society - Organic Chemistry Division

Tor Erik Kristensen, Asymmetric Interrupted Nazarov Cyclization on Silica Gel
Vegar Stockmann, Asymmetric Interrupted Nazarov Cyclization on Silica Gel

6-7 February 2006 - Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
44th Meeting of the Serbian Chemical Society

Biljana Abramovic, Spectrophotometric monitoring of mecoprop photocatalytic degradation using different photocatalysts with natural and artificial light sources
Vesna V. Antic, Synthesis and characterization of thermoplastic elastomers based on poly(butylene terephthalate) and poly(caprolactone)-poly(dimethylsiloxane)

26-30 March 2006 - Atlanta, GA, USA
American Chemical Society Meeting & Exposition

Laura A. Mueller, Strong improvement of nitroxide-mediated polymerizations of methyl methacrylate by a copolymerization approach: Polymer synthesis and characterizations
Travis Lund, Synthesis of a novel heteroditopic receptor from calix[4]arene
Kia C. Walcott, Studies of violet dye production by marine fungus from Tanzania

6-8 April 2006 - Pakinstan
16th National Chemistry Conference: Pakistan at Bahauddin Zakaria University

Muhammad Adeel, p-Octiphenyloctacyclodextrins hydrophilic hydrophobic barrel stave pores having applications in drug delivery systems
Muhammad Imran, Flavonoidal Constituents of Aerva persica

20-21 April 2006 - Kintex, Goyang, Korea
97th National Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society


27-31 May 2006 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Canadian Society for Chemistry Conference

Ognjen Panic, The Potential of Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography for Environmental Field Analysis
Ibraheem Gaabass, A Study of the Lability of Metal-Humate Complexes Using Diffusion Gradients in Thin Films

8 June 2006 - Odense, Denmark
Annual Meeting of the Danish Chemical Society

Peter Fristrup, A Computational Explanation for the Observed Anti-selectivity in the Zinc-Mediated Allylation of Imines
Frank B. Larsen, Reversible O2 binding molecules on single-crystal Au(111) Towards functional monolayers

12-15 June 2006 - Kalmar, Sweden
20th Conference on Analytical Chemistry "Analysdagarna"

Marcus Angelin, Direct, Mild and Selective Synthesis of Unprotected Dialdo-Glycosides
Ritha Gidlöf, Synthesis of Galiellalactone Analogues for Treatment of Prostate Cancer and Evaluation of Their Ability to Inhibit STAT3

11-13 September 2006 - Robinson College, Cambridge, UK
Chemical Biology: Directing Biosynthesis

Nicholas Llwellyn, ACP-mediated biosynthesis of the amino acid side chain of butirosin
Tobias Knobloch, In vitro investigation of enzymatic macrolactamization in ansamitocin biosynthesis
Gianfranco De Pascale, The enzymology of tRNA-dependent ligase MurN from penicillin-resistant strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae

18-22 September 2006 - Gdansk, Poland
XLIX Meeting of the Polish Chemical Society

Katarzyna Konecko, Viral hepatitis C - chemical synthesis fragments of surface protein of virus HCV and their immunological activity
Barbara Kusznierewicz, The attempt of determination of bioactive compounds in cabbage
Anna Gomulczak, Energetics of mechanochemical processes illustrated by a salt decomposition

24-26 November 2006 - Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan
Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society in Taipei

Ko Shing Chang

2-6 December 2006 - Roturua, New Zealand
NZIC Conference 2006


3-8 December 2006 - Durban, South Africa
38th Convention of the South African Chemical Institute, "SACI-2006"

Siphamandla Hadebe, Rhodium catalyzed hydroboration reactions with S and N analogues of catecholborane
Liezel Retief, A novel method for the assignment of 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of vegetable oils


National Adhering Organizations are asked to inform their national chemical societies of this IUPAC Poster Prizes program and to inform the IUPAC Secretariat of any plans to award prizes at a national meeting.
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IUPAC Poster Prizes might also be awarded at Division or Standing Committee sponsored events; see IUPAC-sponsored events calendars for listing.

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