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IUPAC-AAPAC Joint Meeting on Chemistry in the Development of Africa
Durban, Republic of South Africa, 11 July 1998


by John M. Malin, Ph. D.
International Activities Administrator
American Chemical Society

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On the occasion of the Seventh International Chemistry Conference in Africa, 5-10 July, 1998 the current Presidents of IUPAC (Prof. Joshua Jortner) and AAPAC (Prof. E. D. Bekoe) convened a conference of African chemistry leaders with representatives of IUPAC. In the extraordinarily effective one-day meeting, held on July 11, 1998, the participants discussed problems facing the African chemical enterprise and suggested solutions that could be implemented jointly by IUPAC and AAPAC.

Present were Drs. B.M. Abegaz (Botswana), E.A. Aboutabl (Egypt), I. Addae-Mensah (Ghana), B.I. Alo (Nigeria), E.D. Becker (United States), D.A. Bekoe (Ghana), M.D. Booth (South Africa), J.D. Bradley (South Africa), E.L.J. Breet (South Africa), L. Diop (Senegal), E.K. Farraq (Egypt), F. Gasengayire (Kenya), C.F. Garbers (South Africa), J. Jortner (Israel), B.T. Kiremire (Uganda), E.M.R.Kiremire (South Africa), J.M. Malin (United States), C.C. Mjojo (South Africa), T.T. Mokoena (Botswana), J.L. Moswa (Democratic Republic of the Congo), V.S.B. Mtetwa (Swaziland), T. Nyokong (South Africa), J.I. Okogun (Nigeria), H.M. Salem (Egypt), P.S. Steyn (South Africa), S.O. Wandiga (Kenya), and N.S. Youssef (Egypt). Purposes of the meeting. Host organizer Professor Pieter S. Steyn greeted the participants by noting that the purposes of the meeting were to improve communications between IUPAC and AAPAC, to assist IUPAC in finding a specific role to contribute to Chemistry in Africa, and to help find a route to technology-based development in Africa. Dr. Steyn noted with thanks that the financial sponsors of the meeting were IUPAC, the Foundation for Research Development, Merck and SASOL Ltd.

  • Comments by Prof. Joshua Jortner, President of IUPAC on the strategy of IUPAC to serve the global chemistry community.
  • Comments by Prof. D.A. Bekoe on the role and function of AAPAC in promoting chemistry on the African continent.
  • The status of Chemistry on the African Continent
  • Status of Chemical Education in Africa
  • The Role of the Chemical Industry in Ensuring Sustainable Development in Africa
  • Chemistry and Society in Africa
  • Liaison between IUPAC and AAPAC
  • Concluding Remarks, Plans and Proposals for Future Actions
  • A plan for liaison between IUPAC and AAPAC

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    Table of Contents
    Introductory Remarks
    Concluding Remarks
    The Status of Chemistry on the African Continent

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