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IUPAC-AAPAC Joint Meeting on Chemistry in the Development of Africa
Durban, Republic of South Africa, 11 July 1998


Introductory Remarks
IUPAC and Chemistry in Developing Countries

by Prof. Dr. Joshua Jortner
President, IUPAC

A Five-Point Plan for IUPAC

The central role of chemistry in many recent scientific, technological, economic, and food/health/energy/environment-related developments enables IUPAC, its constituent organizations and their members to make significant intellectual and practical contributions towards five important goals:

  • Strengthening access in DCs to international information and research networks in chemistry and related fields.
  • Strengthening capacity of DCs for chemical research.
  • Strengthening human chemistry-related resources in DCs, particularly in chemical education.
  • Strengthening the ability of DCs to adapt recent scientific and technological advances to local conditions and needs.
  • Strengthening cooperation with Regional Academies in DCs.

    Regarding the last point, perhaps because of my personal experience as President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, I regard National Academies as a strong, often underutilized, force for wise policy-making. Regional Academies, where they exist, should be strengthened as useful catalysts for international cooperation.

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