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IUPAC Strategic Initiative in Materials

IUPAC has commenced a Strategic Initiative in Materials, to coordinate new and existing projects on materials science which require expertise from more than one IUPAC Division, and to act as a world-wide point of reference for issues related to materials science and IUPAC.

The working group of this Initiative is co-chaired by Professor John Corish (IUPAC Inorganic Division - Trinity College Dublin - JCORISH@tcd.ie) and Professor Robert Gilbert (IUPAC Macromolecular Division - University of Sydney - gilbert@chem.usyd.edu.au). The first meeting was held at the IUPAC General Assembly in Geneva in September, with members of the Physical Chemistry, Inorganic and Macromolecular Divisions. The IUPAC commissions involved thus far are Commission I.6 (Colloid and Surface Chemistry Including Catalysis), Commission II.3 (High Temperature Materials and Solid State Chemistry), and Commissions IV.1 and IV.2 (Macromolecular Nomenclature and Polymer Characterization and Properties).

New projects are being considered involving measurement, characterization and nomenclature in: Colloidal stability and flow; Characterization of powders; Nano-structured materials; Electro-active polymers; Porous materials; New layered materials; Inorganic composites; Bio-mimetic materials; Combinatorial synthesis of inorganic materials; Organic templates for inorganic zeolites; Atomic-layer epitaxy; Joining; Advanced materials manufacture; and Thermal and thermomechanical properties of composites.

Another important area will be in education involving materials chemistry, for example creating a resource on the www of current syllabi in materials courses.

The Co-Chairs have issued a call for Expressions of Interest for Interdivisional materials-related projects, and proposed outcomes from such projects; expressions of interest should be sent to the Co-Chairs.

Release, 26 Nov. 1997

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