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 Chemistry and the Environment Division (VI)

Commission on Food


> Division VI publications

IUPAC Collaborative trial study of a method to detect genetically modified soy beans and maize in dried powder.
Lipp, M., Brodmann, P., Pietsch, K., Pauwels, J. and Anklam, E. 1999. J.AOAC Int., 82, 923-928.

The determination of stigmastadienes in vegetable oils.
Pure Appl. Chem. 71, 349-359 (1999).

The determination of cadmium in oils and fats by direct graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry.
Pure Appl. Chem. 71, 361-368 (1999).

Determination of sorbitan tristearate in vegetable oils and fats. Thyssen, K. and Andersen, K.S. 1998. Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society, 75, 1855-1860.

The determination of trans unsaturated fatty acids in edible oils and fats by capillary gas-liquid chromatography.
Pure Appl. Chem. 69, 1829-1837 (1997).

Lexicon of lipid nutrition.
Report published by Joint Committee of International Union of Nutritional Science and IUPAC Commission on Oils, Fats and Derivatives (1997).

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