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Invited Lectures presented at the International Conference on Biodiversity and Bioresources: Conservation and Utilization
23-37 November 1997, Phuket, Thailand.

Thai Zingiberaceae: Species diversity and their uses
P. Sirirugsa

Chemical prospecting: An evolutionary-biogeographical approach - mesoamerican cloud forests as an example
J.C. Schuster

Mangrove forests - The importance of conservation as a bioresource for ecosystem diversity and utilization as a source of chemical constituents with potential medicinal and agricultural value
D.H. Miles, U. Kokpol, V. Chittawong, S. Tip-Pyang, K. Tunsuwan, and C. Nguyen

Diversity and conservation of epiphytes in a changing environment
P. Hietz

Ex-situ conservation of native Thai orchids at Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden
W. Nanakorn and S. Indharamusika

The ecosystem of micro-organisms, bees and Clusia floral resins and oils from the chemistry point of view
A.J. Marsaioli, A.L.M. Porto, R.A.C. Goncalves, C.M.A. de Oliveira, G.P. Manfio, and V. Bittrich

Bioprospecting in Thai forests: Is it worthwhile?
W.Y. Brockelman

Insect juvenile hormone III in the sedge, Cyperus iria L.: Distribution and possible biological significance
J.C. Bede, W.G. Goodman, and S.S. Tobe

Chasing the key enzymes of secondary metabolite - Biosynthesis from Thai medicinal plants
W. De-Eknamkul

Pharmaceutical bioprospecting and its relationship to the conservation and utilization of bioresources
H.G. Wildman

The role of genetics in the effective utilisation of filamentous fungi
S. Sarker and G. Saunders

Strategy for the biological and chemical evaluation of plant extracts
K. Hostettmann

The Xylariaceae: A case study in biological and chemical diversity
A.J.S. Whalley and R.L. Edwards

Characterization of a novel rotenoid- ß -glucosidase enzyme and its natural substrate from Thai rosewood
M.R.J. Svasti, C. Srisomsap, R. Surarit, S. Techasakul, and J. Ketudat-Cairns

Ecofriendly chirotechnologies: Approaches utilizing immobilized biocatalysts, K.R. Rao, N. Bhanumathi, L.R. Reddy, R. Sirdeshmukh, Y. Ramadasu, and S. Srinivasulu

Molecular diversity, biological diversity and the search for new drugs
R.P. Borris and S.J. Gould

Paclitaxel production through plant cell culture: An exciting approach to harnessing biodiversity
K. Venkat

The syntheses of lamellarins and isoindolobenzazephine alkaloids
S. Ruchirawat, T. Mutarapat, P. Sahakitpichan, V. Bhavakul, and C. Mahidol

Evolution based synthesis of racemic alkaloids
M.J. Wanner and G.J. Koomen

Structural studies of marine peptides
A.M. Fernandez, H. He, L.A. McDonald, P. Lassota, C. Discafani, E.F. Sorensen, M.C. Edler, L.R. Barrows, J.C. Clardy, and C.M. Ireland

Production of bioactive alkaloids from Turkish geophytes
B. Sener, M. Koyuncu, F. Bingöl, and F. Muhtar

Biodiversity of alkaloids in amphibian skin: A dietary arthropod source
J.W. Daly

Bioactive principles from folkloric anti-neoplastic plants and from bioprospecting the Malaysian forest
S. H. Goh

Development of synergistic NMR and molecular mechanics-Strategies for determining natural product stereochemistry
T.R. Hoye, S.-E. N. Ayyad, A.S. Judd, D.O. Koltun, and M.K. Renner

Multicomponent condensations model studies towards an efficient synthesis of okadaic acid
I.E. Markó, V. Scheirmann, F. Chellé, A.P. Dobbs, and D. J. Bayston

Hydroxynitrile lyases, interesting biocatalysts in stereoselective organic syntheses
F. Effenberger

Synthesis of (-)-trichoviridin
D.F. Taber and H. Yu

a-Carbonyl radical cyclization: Application toward total syntheses of natural products
C.-K. Sha, S.-J. Huang, R.-T. Chiu, S.-H. Lih, C.-T. Tseng, K.C. Santhosh, C.-J. Chang, A.-W. Hong, P.-C. Cherng, W.-H. Tseng, W.-Y. Ho, F.-S. Wang, and T.-H., Jeng

Marine natural products: Synthetic exercises and biological data
E. Winterfeldt

Mini-Symposium on Combinatorial Synthesis

Combinatorial libraries for studying molecular recognition
G. Lowe, S. Leon, and R. Quarell

Novel antifungal compounds derived from heterocyclic positional scanning combinatorial libraries
S. E. Blondelle, A. Nefzi, J.M. Ostresh, and R.A. Houghten

Mini-Symposium on Bioinformatics

Genomes, proteomes and bioinformatics
D.L. Oxender, B. Moldover, and J.D. Cavalcoli

Information systems and biodiversity databases: Trends and challenges
T. Duncan

Bioinformatics implications of the international biodiversity conventions
I.K. Crain and N.M. Collins

A virtual catalogue of invertebrate life on earth
I. Oliver

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