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WCLM 2007

World Chemistry Leadership Meeting
10 August 2007, Torino, Italy


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The purpose of the World Chemistry Leadership Team Meeting (WCLM) is to address topical issues facing the world of chemistry and its application, with the objectives of identifying specific contributions IUPAC can make through projects or through working with others. The focus of the Torino WCLM is the health and environmental safety of chemicals products, emerging issues of societal concern and the resulting regulatory trends.


WCLM Chairman: Professor Bryan Henry, IUPAC President

- 14:00 Introductory Comments: Professor Leiv Sydnes, IUPAC Past President

- 14:10 - 15:30 Presentations

  • New Approaches towards Chemicals Regulation; SAICM and REACH, Dr Rainer Koch (International Council for Chemical Associations ICCA)
  • Responsible Care and New Strategies for Product Stewardship, Dr Carol J. Henry, Vice President, Science and Research of the American Chemistry Council
  • Emerging Issues for Applied Chemistry:
    An Industrial Perspective: Dr Richard Phillips, Senior Toxicologist ExxonMobil (chair of the Cefic Long Range Research Initiative)
    An Academic Perspective: Dr John Duffus, Chair of IUPAC subcommittee on Toxicology and Risk Assessment (Chemistry and Human Health Division)

- 15:30 - 17:15 Panel Led Plenary Discussion

Moderator: Elsa Reichmanis, Alcatel-Lucent

Panel: The presenters will be joined by Dr Maged Younes/ Dr Matthew Grubb UNEP (SAICM Secretariat), Dr Tim Meredith WHO (IPCS), Professor Alan Boobis (Imperial College School of Medicine) who are invited to give short reflections on the presentations.

- 17:15 - 17:30 Wrap-up and Conclusions: Professor Bryan Henry, IUPAC President

The WCLM will be followed by an informal reception for those participants able to attend.


Links & references:
- The Chemical Industry and Sustainable Development, May-June '07 issue of Chemistry International Vol. 29, No. 3, p. 34.
- REACH <http://ec.europa.eu/environment/chemicals/
- SAICM <www.chem.unep.ch/saicm>

> first announcement (posted 8 Nov 06)
> memo to NAOs, etc. (posted 9 April 07)

> Proceedings of the meeting, Chem Int, Jan 2008, pp.10-13

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