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42nd IUPAC

9-17 August 2003, Ottawa, Canada

IUPAC General Assembly, held from August 9-17, is usually the occasion for meetings of the statutory bodies of the Union, specifically of the Council, Bureau, Division Committees, and Standing Committees. A final schedule of meetings, with room assignment, will be distributed at on-site registration.

Schedule as of 29 July 2003

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AM: 09:00 to 13:00; PM: 14:00 to 18:00
> PRELIMINARY Room Assignments [pdf file -27KB]

President’s Address and Members Reception Sat, 9 Aug (19:00)
Congress Opening Ceremony
and Welcome Reception

including Awards Ceremony for the winners of the IUPAC Prize for Young Chemists
(Participation in this event requires that you register for the IUPAC Congress, or that you purchase an individual ticket)
Sun, 10 Aug (17:30)

(the reception itself will be at 19:00)

Division Presidents and Secretaries Briefing

Sat, 9 Aug (08:00 to 09:00)

Division Committees
all 8 Division Committees will hold a 2-day meeting

Div I - Physical and Biophysical Chemistry

Sat, 9 Aug and Sun, 10 Aug (AM & PM)
Div II - Inorganic Chemistry Sun, 10 Aug and Mon, 11 Aug (AM & PM)
Div III - Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Sun, 10 Aug (AM & PM) and Mon, 11 Aug (AM)
Div IV - Macromolecular Sat, 9 Aug and Sun, 10 Aug (AM & PM)
Div V - Analytical Chemistry
(with Workshop on Sun, AM)
Sat, 9 Aug and Sun, 10 Aug (AM & PM)
Div VI - Chemistry and the Environment Sat, 9 Aug and Sun, 10 Aug (AM & PM)
Div VII - Chemistry and Human Health Sat, 9 Aug and Sun, 10 Aug (AM & PM)
Div VIII - Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation
Sat, 9 Aug and Sun, 10 Aug (AM & PM)
Division Presidents Tue, 12 Aug (PM)
Standing Committees 
CPEP Sun, 10 Aug and Mon, 11 Aug (AM & PM)
CHEMRAWN Mon, 11 Aug (AM & PM)
COCI Mon, 11 Aug (AM & PM)
CHEMRAWN & COCI Tue, 12 Aug (AM & PM)
CCE Mon, 11 Aug (AM & PM) and Tue, 12 Aug (AM)
ICTNS Tue, 12 Aug and Wed, 13 Aug (AM & PM)
Project Committee Tue, 12 Aug (AM)
Evaluation Committee Wed, 13 Aug (AM)



Wed, 13 Aug (PM) and Thu, 14 Aug (AM & PM)

Sun, 17 Aug (13:00 to 14:30)

WCLM (World Chemistry Leadership Mtg.) Fri, 15 Aug (PM)
Council Sat, 16 Aug (AM & PM) and Sun, 17 Aug (AM)
Council Reception Sat, 16 Aug (18:00)
!! new time!!
International Council for Chemistry–Executive Committee Sun, 17 Aug (15:00 to 17:00)
Other Meetings
Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation, Division VIII Open Meeting Fri, 8 Aug (16:30 to 18:30)
CHEMRAWN Forum: Innovation–from Pure to Applied Chemistry Sat, 9 Aug (AM & PM)
Analytical Chemistry Division Workshop on the Current Challenges and Needs for Analytical Chemistry Sun, 10 Aug (AM)
Commission on Isotopic Abundance and Atomic Weights (II.1) Fri, 8 Aug and Sat, 9 Aug (AM & PM)
Subcommittee on Extra-Terrestrial Isotopic Ratios Thu, 7 Aug (AM & PM)
Subcommittee on Materials Chemistry Tue, 12 Aug (AM & PM)
Subcommittee on Biomolecular Chemistry - Interdivisional Discussion Mon, 11 Aug (PM)
Subcommittee on Green Chemistry Mon, 11 Aug (PM)
Subcommittee on Structural and Mechanistic Chemistry Mon, 11 Aug (PM)
Subcommittee on Macromolecular Terminology Mon, 11 Aug to Thu 14 Aug (AM & PM)
Subcommittee on Solubility and Equilibrium Data Mon, 11 Aug and Tue, 12 Aug (AM & PM)
Subcommittee on Nomenclature, Properties, and Units in Laboratory Medicine
Sun, 10 Aug to Tue, 12 Aug (AM & PM)
Subcommittee on Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Development Sun, 10 Aug (AM & PM)
Subcommittee on Toxicology and Risk Assessment Fri, 8 Aug and Sat, 9 Aug (AM & PM)

Subcommittee on Public Understanding of Chemistry

Thu, 14 Aug (AM & PM; session CE03 of the Congress)
Project specific

Isotopic compositions of the elements (#2002-049-2-200, Philip D.P. Taylor)

Tue, 5 Aug to Thu, 7Aug (AM&PM)

Metrological traceability of measurement results in chemistry (#2001-010-3-500; P. De Bièvre)

Wed, 13 Aug and Thu, 14 Aug (AM & PM)
Coordination of environmental projects (W. Klein) Mon, 11 Aug (PM)
Global use of the C-NPU concept system for properties in toxicology (#2001-066-1-700; Wolf R. Külpmann) Mon, 11 Aug and Tue, 12 Aug (AM & PM)

Preferred names in the nomenclature of organic compounds (#2001-043-1-800; W.H. Powell)

Wed, 6 Aug (AM & PM) and Thu, 7 Aug (AM)

Nomenclature for discrete rotaxanes and catenanes (#2002-007-1-800; E. S. Wilks)

Thu, 7 Aug (PM)

Fullerene nomenclature (#2001-014-1-800; W.H. Powell)

Thu, 7 Aug (PM) and Fri, 8 Aug (AM)

Nomenclature and Terminology of macromolecules
- chemically modified polymers (#1999-051-1-800; E. S. Wilks)
- macromolecular rotaxanes (#2000-037-1-800; E. S. Wilks)
- dendritic and hyperbranched polymers (#2001-081-1-800; J. Kahovec)
- macromolecules with cyclic structures (#2001-082-1-800; W. Mormann)

Fri, 8 Aug (AM&PM)
CHEMRAWN XV - Chemistry and Water (#2001-007-1-021; R. Hamelin) Sun, 10 Aug (AM)
Safety Training Program
(#022/11/93 IUPAC-UNESCO-UNIDO Fellowship; M. Cesa)
Wed, 13 Aug (PM; workshop followed by poster session)
DIDAC - review and perspective
Fri, 15 Aug (AM; session CE06 of the Congress)

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