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International Committee on Weights and Measures/
Consultative Committee on Amount of Substance


Representative: Dr. A. Fajgelj (2000-2003)

> link to BIPM/CCQM at <http://www.bipm.fr/>

For access to all reports of the meetings, visit


  • BIPM and CCQM activities under the Metre Convention - Metrological tools to underpin analytical measurements, presentation by Robert Wielgosz, BIPM, Head of Chemsitry Section, March 2007 [pdf file - 5.23MB]
  • Challenges for the Analytical Chemist, presentation by Aleš Fajgelj to CCQM, April 2006 [pdf file - 1.89MB]
  • CCQM (BIPM) 7th meeting, April 2001, Paris, France
    > download english version of the full report - pdf 612KB
  • CCQM (BIPM) meeting, 4-7 April 2000, Paris, France
    > download report - pdf 15KB (also published in Chem. Int. 22(6), 2000)
  • Working group meeting and workshop on measurement uncertainty,
    29 Nov- 3 Dec. 1999 at BIPM
    > published in Chem. Int. 22(3), 2000

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