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Committee On Chemistry and Industry (COCI)

Terms of Reference
  1. To advise the President and Executive Committee of the potential impact on IUPAC programs of trends and developments in the international chemical industries, including pharmaceutical, agrochemical and related industries. Also, to advise on options and actions by which IUPAC could become more attractive to increased participation by scientists in industry.

  2. In collaboration with National Adhering Organizations, to develop and maintain an active program to recruit, guide and inform Company Associates on IUPAC programs and policies. To convey to IUPAC management at all levels relevant information from Company Associates that may assist in developing IUPAC programs and projects.

  3. To develop liaisons with (a) national and international associations that represent industries based on the chemical sciences; (b) national and regional chemical societies; and (c) international bodies such as UNESCO and UNIDO.

  4. In cooperation with other IUPAC bodies, to initiate and maintain a portfolio of projects with implications for industry and to help develop good relations between IUPAC and industry. To advise IUPAC bodies on the potential for participation and/or funding of relevant projects by industry and to coordinate overtures to industry on such funding.

Revised in September 2003

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