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Provisional Recommendations


Glossary of Terms Used in Immunotoxicology

Prepared by Douglas M. Templeton, Michael Schwenk, Rheinhild Klein, and John H. Duffus

The primary objective of this Glossary of Terms Used in Immunotoxicology is to give clear definitions for those who contribute to studies relevant to immunotoxicology but are not themselves immunologists. This applies especially to chemists who need to understand the literature of immunology without recourse to a multiplicity of other glossaries or dictionaries. The Glossary includes terms related to basic and clinical immunology insofar as they are necessary for a self-contained document, and particularly terms related to diagnosing, measuring, and understanding effects of substances on the immune system. The glossary consists of about 1200 terms as primary alphabetical entries, and Annexes of common abbreviations, examples of chemicals with known effects on the immune system, autoantibodies in autoimmune disease, and therapeutic agents used in autoimmune disease and cancer. The authors hope that among the groups who will find this glossary helpful, in addition to chemists, are toxicologists, pharmacologists, medical practitioners, risk assessors, and regulatory authorities. In particular, it should facilitate the worldwide use of chemistry in relation to occupational and environmental risk assessment.

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