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Provisional Recommendations

Physical and Biophysical Chemistry Division

Definition of the Hydrogen Bond

The task group recommends the definition given here for the hydrogen bond. The short definition is followed by a list of experimental and/or theoretical criteria, which can be used as evidence for the presence of the hydrogen bond. Finally, some characteristics that are typical of hydrogen bonded systems are given. A brief explanation of the terms used is provided after the definition. Moreover, several footnotes (indicated by F#) have been added and these are given at the end. These footnotes are intended to give more explanation for the sake of clarity and completeness. The task group has also produced a comprehensive technical report, which provides a summary of the past work on hydrogen bonding and also the rationale for the proposed definition. After the public review period and any revisions that are required, these will be published in the same issue of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

> Download full text of the Provisional Recommendations (pdf file - 44KB)

> Download full text of the Technical Report (pdf file - 172KB)

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