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Provisional Recommendations

Analytical Chemistry Division

Terminology in Soil Sampling

The need to be understood is the first objective of writers and speakers, be a poet or a scientist. But there is difference: the scientist must be sure that, within a stated context, the terms used in articles, publications or in the daily conversation among colleagues, are intended by all in the same precise way, without any possible ambiguity. As already pointed out by IUPAC recommendation 1990 "Nomenclature for Sampling in Analytical Chemistry", it is not acceptable that scientists are not able to orient themselves in a sampling or analytical process. This can occur if the terms used are not well defined. Moreover, to better appreciate the development of new theories or concepts, progressive update can be necessary. To this end, on the basis of the existing terminology documents and of the most recent knowledge in the field of soil sampling, an up-dated terminology in sampling (specifically soil sampling) is recommended.

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Comments by 30 November 2003
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